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High volume ladies boots?

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Big fat square lady feet seek kind, loving yet strong, hard & handsome boot.

The best boot I ever had was a Head Edge - then I put on a tonne of weight, got them punched... lost the weight - you get the drift!

Last time out got a pair of Technica which over the course of 4 day's skiing gave me plenty of tears and cost me 4 toenails - so perhaps not the best for me.

Now I know that Head boots work for me - experience has taught me this and I've heard fitters say "god alone knows who these boots fit" - well people, it's square-footers.

But are there any other makes I could be looking at? I have a narrow heel, wide calf and my feet themselves are almost flipper shaped.
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lange venus, salomon charm?

with any fit issue, it is best to look for a good boot fitter, then asking stranges, who have not seen your feet, what to buy.

Any the top of this forum has a good list of boot fitters on it too...
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A few things. Did I miss it where you said there was a reason for not purchasing Head boots again.

Also the problem with the Tecnicas could have been the size, the fitter etc and not the boot. There is no reason to rule out a boot if no one has done any work to fix the problems.

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hi guys, thank you for your comments and advice.

Well the reason I wanted to ask people who've never seen my feet is that I don't want to get "bullied" in to buying a pair of boots which are well known in the industry to fit a narrow-footed woman.

Sadly it was in Banff that I got fitted the demonic Technicas by a very well-respected fitter within town... so whilst I do appreciate the support which can be offered by a fitter - I want to know where I am first - because that was a costly mistake, finance-wise AND toenail wise!

Lou - absolutely no reason why I would not purchase Head boots again - and right now I'm very much leaning towards them. I just wanted to know if there was another brand out there that I should also consider or one I should very much avoid at all costs! Just because I've worked well with Head boots in the past does not I think rule out even better peformance with another boot and I don't wish to limit my options - at the same time I don't want to be squeezing my fat foot in to something fundamentally unsound.
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Fair enough. Anyway it sounds as if you may be a local so if either I or mtnlion can help we aren't far away.

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