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PSIA vs Home School for Instructors

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Beyond staying on task to assist instructor candidates to be worthy PSIA certification graduates, what is your ski school doing to stimulate new technical ideas within their in-house instructor/coach training program?

Do you feel your home area staff training is sufficient? What have you gained from your ski school that you would not get at a PSIA event? What's missing? What's beneficial? Do you get excited to train within your home program?

Along those lines, is there any direct crossover communication/training between your ski school and your local race program?
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I do a clinic when I get the chance but as far as giving any the other way no. Our technical director is so into HH and that super narrow stance that there isn't much interest. She does work with the club race program as an assistant coach once in awhile.
Since our team started training at Blackhawk Ski Club on the nights that the club skis I don't get to observe what goes on there much.
I'm certified in both PSIA and USSCA but I've never been asked to do anything.
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SLATZ, You must mean Mel. Last time I saw her ski, she wasn't that close; just a normal aligned stance. Sort of like Eric Schlopy's free skiing. This was last November at Copper.

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Nope. Not Mel. I haven't seen her in a few years. Actually not since she and Grant split.
I ski at Tyrol Basin. Last I heard Mel was at Wilmot. No I think I heard she left there. She came to Tyrol a couple of times to do PMTS clinics but I was on the road.
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First and foremost we deal with PSIA training. We have nearly 100% (except the first years and their usually certified by the end of the season) certified at one level or another. We even make time for mach in house exams before sending candidates off.

The latest push is for cross over instructors for boarding. These days the demand is so great that the boarding line-ups look like ski school of old. 15-20 students standing there to every 1 available instructor. While us skiers are standing around with a few classes, and plenty of extra bodies (except busy days when nobody gets a lunch break we're so swamped). They're trying to encourage us skiers to learn to board well enough to teach a beginner lesson, by offering clinics at slow times. :
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What's the difference between a snowboard instructor and a snowboarder?

Three days.
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