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Graybird or Bluebird - Page 2

Poll Results: My ideal day is

  • 20% (12)
    Bluebird all the way baby!
  • 34% (20)
    A dark and storming wonderland.
  • 44% (26)
    Who cares man!! It freakin' snowed!!
58 Total Votes  
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Any day there's fresh snow and the light isn't too flat!
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I love bluebird days, but probably only because they are so rare in the Cascades. In Washington storms don't thin out the crowds at all - they're so frequent that everyone skis right through even the most horrible weather. The only thing that cuts the crowds is rain. Rain is bad. Pineapple express rain (a storm that blows up from Hawaii) is the worst skiing condition ever - it's like skiing in a tropical hurricane.

That said, my best ski day ever was in Whistler during a storm. It was raining in the village, but up on the peak it was snowing like crazy. And nobody was up there. On some runs off of Whistler Peak I couldn't even see any tracks - I thought I had gone out of bounds!
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Some of the very best days for me have been when it's downright filthy and nasty, stormy and puking down. Everyone clears off or doesn't come up the hill and then in the afternoon for the last few hours it lifts and it's blue sky, fresh deep snow and no-one there. Near perfect.
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