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Ski for 7 year old daughter

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I am looking to purchase my daughter her first set of skis. She is 123 cm tall and weighs about 57 lbs. I would guess that she is probably a level 5 skier technically, but has no fear and will ski easier black bump runs, and other things. When she does get scared, she reverts to the wedge.

This season she will only get to go on one trip out west with me (Alta/Bird) for 3.5 days of skiing and will ski probably 5-10 times at a local resort in Southern Indiana (400 vertical feet) in a youth racing program.

Any suggestions on a ski that might work for both the trip out west and beginning gates (I know this is a contradiction, but I don't want to break the bank on something we don't get to do so frequently and she will outgrow for next season!!)? What length would you recommend? Any suggestions on how to buy kids boots without trying them on first- I know this is usually a bad idea, but the local place didn't have many options when I was there a week ago.

Thanks for any help!
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Are there any season long rental programs near your local area? I would go that route if available. If not try to find something used with bindings ( around 100-110cm length) at a swap for cheap. You got to get her to try on boots, guessing could lead to a bad fit , then to miserable skiing. For the time you are going to out west rent her gear at Alta and or Snowbird. My kids basically outgrow gear, skis 2 years and boots 1-2 years when they where 5 and up.
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I am with snowbowler on this one. I am in the industry and I didn't start buying gear for my kids until a few years ago. Even if there is not a season rental program in the immediate area, I'd take a closer look at shops near the resorts you'll be skiing at.

FWIW: Here in JH a season rental program costs about 100 bucks for a child at 5 y/o. Sure that may seem expensive for the times you are going to be using it, but not having to rent gear is priceless. Furthermore, not having a collection of outgrown kids gear in the garage is more priceless.
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Go with a seasonal rental. As a former coach of 5-7 year olds in a seasonal program, this is the best route. I have seen kids grow during the winter and you can trade in for larger sizes in the middle of the season.
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