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Obsethed mounting point

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I will buy the Obsethed 179. I have read that the mount point is considered to be unusually far ahead, so I am looking for some mount point recommendations that fit me and my style of skiing. I have tried searching the forum, but my apologies if this has already been discussed.

I will not use the skis in the park, or do any jumping worth talking about, or ride switch. I only care about the skiing performance.

My main priorities are:
- Good performance in powder/loose snow
- Good performance in real life (i.e. often crappy) conditions: tracked snow, breaking crust, mank, slush
- Acceptable performance on hard pack

I weight about 150 lbs plus clothing and gear.
I ski offpiste whenever possible. Open terrain, trees, colouirs.
I will use them for BC, meaning conditions will be varied and sub-ideal.
My skiing style is not very aggressive (although I like to push myself, e.g. occasionally venturing into 40-45 degree colouirs).

My present ski is Gotama 05/06 model (black with wide back tip) mounted at the all mountain position. That position seems good to me, but I have not experimented with other positions.

What are your recommendations for binding mounting position based on this?

BTW, here is some info from another site:
Ok. Here are some pics that show a 179 Made'n paired with a 179 Obseth'd. The Made'n is mounted at +2. The Obseth'd is mounted on the line. Notice the drastic difference in tip and tail lengths. I think the Made'ns ski perfect at +2. I felt like the Obseth'ds needed more tip. Not so much to be able to ski pow, but for hucking big. My first days on them were up at Grand Targhee with perfect hucking snow. I kept feeling I didn't have enough tip to stomp the airs (and kick turns were tough in tight, steep spots with all that tail). The ski was fun as shit to ride, but I think it would be better if I moved the mount back.

The Made'n is on the left. The Obseth'd on the right.

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If you aren't going to ride switch I'd look at mounting back. That will give you a more traditional ski feel and give you more tip to enhance float. -2 is what I'm seeing a lot of traditional rider do
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-2 sounds reasonable. Any other viewpoints?
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