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I'm trying to figure out if the Head Xenon Xi 10.0 would be an appropriate ski for me. I'm based in the UK and have tried them on an indoor slope here and enjoyed them but it is hard to get a full picture. I have 6 weeks skiing experience and would class myself as a strong intermediate in terms of skills, but confident and happy on steep pitches. This season I'm looking to improve my carving technique and get better in the bumps. I am 6' but only 145lbs which I think makes ski choice tricky for me. I'll be skiing Whistler and Sun Peaks.

The main question I have about this ski is whether I will outgrow it quickly as one of the magazines here in the UK rates it as an intermediate only ski, whereas I see that in the Ski Press Ski Test in the US it was rated as in the advanced category. I do like to ski at speed but with my light weight I suspect I may be suited to a more forgiving ski than normal.

Also, the 12.8m radius seems pretty tight. The Head website says "it has the most radical sidecut in the line, but a new kind of flex makes it one of the most versatile skis we ever made" can someone explain what that amounts to?