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Inland NW

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Anyone ride the Inland Northwest? I'm talking about Schweitzer, LookOut Pass, Silver, Mt Spokane, 49 Degrees North and Red Mountain in Canada? I live in Spokane and will be at Mt. Spokane most weekends this season so if someone wants to meet up that would be fun. Also if you ride in the Inland Northwest you should check out my website, I am listing all events such as races or rail jams around the area. I also have all the mountains linked up as well as links to weather services and local (mostly spokane) places to get gear. You should be able to look at my profile and the url for the Mt. Spokane Snowboard Team website.
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Yep, there are a few of us around. I am a Mt. Spokane regular. Pete No. Idaho and teledance are Silver Mtn. folks.

GaryZ lives in Liberty Lake, but I don't know his regular hangout.

I am sure there are others
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cool, we'll have to meet up sometime this season!
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I'll be in line when Lookout opens should winter ever come back.
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