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Brand loyalties over the years?

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OK, so how many of you were diehard loyal to one particular ski manufactuer or binding or boot? And if/when you did switch what happened to "lose" you as a customer?

I was a Rossignol/Look/Nordica guy for most all of the 70's and 80's. After that I became a bit more open minded to some of the other gear....Volkl and Salomon were probably the first to pull me away...

What about you?
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Volkl and Atomic skis since the mid-90's.

I used to do K2's alot, and a Rossi's before then (Strato).

I swore-off K2's after splaying over boilerplate at Keystone.

Edge-grip is All.
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Boots: two in the past 25 or so years...Flexons then Kryptons

Bindings: Started with Salomon with the 444 then 727 from 76-81. Went to Marker MRR from that point till I went back to Salomon exclusively from 89-02 or so and always some in the quiver from that point due to having a jig. From 02 on, various bindings with Grifster being the choice this year on anything flat over 80mm.

Poles: Goode from 92 to 07, one year with Leki and now back with Goode

Skis: Rossi in the very early 80's, switched to Pre 1200SP's, had them solely for a good 5 years, honest! Dynastar Course SL's for a couple of years. Salomon in the early 90's then Volant for a few years then all over the place, so many good choices out there.
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Fischer's since '89
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No real brand loyalties, but out west in the 80's I remember if knowing nothing at all about the skis, I would go with the Dynastars. Later I always knew that Kästle, Atomic, and Fischer could be relied upon. Völkls were always out of my price range.
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Always been a Salomon guy. Haven't had the same brand of boots twice, yet. Don't care much what brand of poles, as long as my Scott strapless grips will fit on them. Skis have been a random mixture of Head, Kneissl, Hart, K2, Dynastar and Rossignol. Most of them were Heads.

Everything is ultimately negotiable except the Scott grips.
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Used to be pretty heavy on K2 skis and Tecnica boots, but then I got Nordica boots and loved them so I tried Nordica skis and loved them.

Then I needed new boot and ski bags and got a sale on Nordica bags and they're pretty nice as well, although the bags are just bags, I like them. Hence, my entire setup (sans poles) is Nordica.

I used to be North Face bias too but now my outer layers and fleeces are Marker (fleeces are really polartec though, but sold by Marker). I guess you could say I'm pretty brand loyal when it comes to skiing.
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Heads and

Rossi's K2...since 74
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Clothing..SOS..when ever I can find it. I am such a sucker for it.
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For boots it's pretty much been Lange. I've tried some other boots and not really been as happy so back to Lange, finally I just committed to wearing Lange.

For bindings I have preferences but there was some degree of going with the bindings from the manufacturers of the skis I was riding that season. If it were totally up to me I'd ride Look/Rossi's.

For skis, that changes every few years with technology.
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After my initial beginner/intermediate skis, I was Volkl. Tried and true.
Love the edge grip and pop!
I broadened my horizon's a lot after experiencing Epic and found out there is a whole big beautiful world out there. Since broadening my horizons, I've embraced some amazing boutique skis, The Ski, BlueHouse, Hart F17's and OMG Bro! I've filled out my play toys with an array of Blizzard's and have fallen in love with them.

Boots: Krypton!
Poles: Fickle
Jackets: Feature driven.
Love my new SOS Down jacket!
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Worked in a ski shop duering my si bum days.
Had anew pair of Rossi SM's every year as welll as a new pair of Lange XLR's.
Usually mounted Marker MRR's.
One year the shop picked up Volkl. Had the sweetest pair of Renntiger R's.
Most recently on Atomic Metron B5 with Technica's.
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Volkl skis
Nordica Boots
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Head skis and various oddball boots in the 60's.
Rossignol skis and Lange or Technica boots all through the 70's and 80's
Rossignol or Volkl skis and Salomon boots in the early 90's
Volkl or Rossignol skis and Sollie boots from late 90's to early 2000's
Mix since, mostly Head, Blizzard, or Stockli skis, still all Sollie boots, but getting more into indie skis and eying the BD Factors...
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Soly, then Rossi, then I found the Holy Grail...Head. Originally I was not at all interested in them until I read an article about their new ski technologies and then the shop manager suggested their boots for me. I now ski Head exclusively, boots, bindings, and skis, they just work well for me and I have been very happy with their products and customer service.
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I'm pretty loyal...strickly Lange since 1983
Volkl since 1991

Last ski prior to Volkl's were K2 TNC Comp's which I liked but they just didn't hold up too well.
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Not brand loyal

I'm not very brand loyal. I don't buy that often so usually pick based on demos, reviews and price. In the late 80s/early 90s I skied Rossi 4Ms and had some Dynamics for racing. Boots were Raichle Flexon Comps. Then I got K2 SLCs in mid-90s with Salomon 850 bindings and Lange XR 7.5 boots. Now I have Head Monster im78 boards and Marker bindings.
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Goode poles...after starting out with the standard aluminum poles for years in the 70s & 80s, and falling on them and breaking or bending them, I discovered Goode poles(various composite combinations). I had the same set of poles for about 20 years until someone stole them and my skis 3 years ago. Got a new pair and still have them. They're great(and I don't work for them)
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70's to mid-90's = Rossi
mid-90's = Salomon
2000s = mostly Volkl

70's- 80's = Nordica
90's = tried San Marco/Salomon
since mid-90's = Lange

70's-90's = Scott or Kerma (still have a pair of Kermas)
2000s = Leki

Bindings - All over the place. Most of them worked pretty well except Marker 1200s built into the early Volkl motion system, circa 2002, with the plastic rails.

Goggles (only b/c I came back around after many years):
70's = Uvex
80's-90's = Scott/Smith
2000s = Uvex
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Northland; blue wooden ones, Nationals

Dynamic; VR17, VR27

Raichle; two pairs of Flexon (F9 and Comp?), Snowboarder (hard boots, essentially AT boots in gay colors), Deelux by Raichle (Clicker compatible step-in snowboard boots).

Marker; the old Rotomats that didn't actually rotate, two models with turntable heels, M40 Racing step-ins.

K2; KVC, Gyrator HP, Enemy, Super Stinx, Clicker bindings

Voile; 3pin, 3pin with tension springs, 3pin with Hardwire (compression spring) a few pairs of these, my favorite binding to date, Hardwires without pins. ALL CRB.

Why? Northland, 1) parent selected, 2) cost, $10 new (old stock) and worth every penny! I taught full time for a year on these, (rookie season, obviously).

Dynamic, I knew a rep who sold me his old skis at the end of season two year in a row.

Raichle, fit and availability in that order.

Marker, 2 pairs came on used skis I bought. I bought the other pairs because I was happy with the Markers I previously owned. Bindings seem to be the equipment I'm most likely to develop brand loyalty.

K2, 1) I knew an instructor who sold my his old skis at the end of year. 2) I knew a rep who got me a pro form. 3), 4) heavily discounted discontinued models. Clickers because they rock.

Voilé, I like plastic bindings.
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Ski- Rossi from when I learned to ski 1993 until I stopped racing in High School. 1997
Then a mix of Rossi/Atomic until 2007

Now Rossi, Fischer, Volkl

Boots. Always was in Langes until this year. Nodica Dobermann 130's now.
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Because I was poor my whole life, I always bought deals. I couldn't afford brand loyalty. Now that I'm not necessarily poor, I'm still a deal whore.
Skis: Had Fischers, Kneissls, Rossi's (3 in a row), LaCroix, Elans, K2s, Atomics, Pre's, Atomics again, Dynamic, Fischer again, Nordica, and now Scott.

Bindings: Salomon, Look, Salomon (3 in a row), Marker, Tyrolia, Atomic, Rossi, Atomic again, Nordica (Marker again), and Look again.

Boots: Raichle, Lange, Nordica, Lange again, Salomon (rear entry baby!), Salomon overlap, Technica (3 in a row). I only paid more than $100 for boots twice.

Funny thing is, I've only had a couple of bad experiences (Atomic non-race bindings, early Salomon overlap boots, and a pair of Rossi skis that just sucked).

Biggest surprises: Dynamic VR17 Slalom Carvers for less than $50, Tecnica Icon XT17 boots for $55, Nordica After Burners for $286 (including bindings).
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Volkl until they started the whole China thing. Now I'm into small North American companies, specifically Praxis. Might get some Moments in the future too.

Been using Salomon metal binders for about the last 15 years as well, but since they stopped shipping 916s to NA, that may change as well.
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For boots, atomic because they seem to match my very narrow heel and wider fore foot.

For skis I'm not so set but don't really move from volkl or atomic for consumer racing skis. Fatter skis I'm easy.
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since Volkl started making cap skis, over-shaped skis, and chinese skis I find myself thinking: want Volkls, buy some Stocklis. so much for brand loyalty, screw them (racing models excepted).

The French have been into intense off-piste skiing for a very long time. Rossignol has always made a smart ski, now the B-Squad shark tip is pure crud-blasting genius. Dynastar's LP has such a classic feel, after one turn I said: I have always been on this ski. For now these companies are spot on. Next to try: home brewed concepts,small American companies.

turn-offs: cap skis, chinese factories, lifeless cores, extreme side-cut: dump them in a second, oh yeah.

the one thing I have skied on for probably 40 years: Scott poles, now digging their composite. tried and true, nice grips
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Boots - whatever gives a good fit. On Langes now (used to be X-Wave 10's after MUCH punching out). That could change if I found another fit I liked, but I have three pairs scattered around the continent, so that would sort-of suck, getting them all modded to fit.

Skis - Used to be a Rossi / K2 guy, but that stopped after the B2 and Recon came out. Demoed everything under the sun, and now have a complete (3x) Dynastar quivers in strategic locales.

I still demo everything, and if some Top Fuels came along cheap they'd join the fun for sure. Some of the Indie stuff is excellent too, but it's more difficult to demo those.

Don't believe the "there's no bad skis" stuff. There's some real junk on the market - demo and see. Even Ski (or Skiing - is there a difference?), will admit that during their gear annuals. Brand loyalty is for those that don't demo.
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No real long term loyalties, but long term disloyalties.

I bought one pair of K2s in the early to mid 90s, ended up with 4 pairs from that one pair. Weak Weak skis, they were great about warranty, but I don't want to deal with that again. I actually loved K2 and those skis up to that point though. Call it a grudge, this policy is now extended to Line and Volkl. When they moved over seas, this just solidified my anti-K2 bias. I will still buy K2 accessories though.

For some reason I never liked Atomics, so they are pretty much out. Same thing with Elan, although I may change my stance on them.

I like wood core skis, so Salomons are out. The only pair I ever bought were the original 1080s, because I had been skiing switch on race skis (Rossi 9s, last straight ski I owned) before the whole switch thing really caught on. I got really excited when a twin tip ski besides garage sale Mark IVs were available. Those 1080s were a hell of a fun ski for me.

For bindings, other factors have had a tendency to play a role, such as ski brand (system), what the shop has and what I can afford. That being said, I have a slight (probably unjust)bias against Salomon because the first pair of bindings i ever had were Salomons and they failed after 3 seasons. However I have had Solly binders after that that did fine and the ones that did fail were low end beginner models, so again this may be unjust.
I will grudgingly ski Marker, I do find their construction to be pretty
decent (or it used to be, haven't had a pair in a few years), but just like everyone else, I have had them pre-release on numerous occasions. Plus their K2 affiliation works against them.

I have recently become a Look convert, I think all future skis will be mounted with Looks. They have always released at the right time and are absolutely bomber.

No opinions really on Tyrolia/Head, I have a really really cheap pair on a set of beater skis and they've been ok. So maybe I'll give there better stuff a shot one of these days. My GF has a pair and has been very happy with them, but then again these are her first skis. From what I've seen they work well.

Boots are no place for intentional brand loyalty, but unintentional loyalty may arise. Fit is priority #1. I was thinking about my boots over the years. A few pair of Sollies, a pair of San Marcos (I miss that company/those boots, damn they were nice) and a slew of Nordicas. So I think my foot is loyal to the Nordica last.

Clothing is again mainly anti-loyalty. DNA/Descente stuff is crap that falls apart, uber crap. I've had Orage stuff that didn't last quite as long as I thought it should, but a good tailor bailed me out of this one. Spyder and TNF are too trendy and going downhill fast. Karbon is just lame. Nope make that super lame. Oakley is too bright.

I really really like Sessions and Helly Hansen stuff, but am willing to try other stuff.

I have developed a sunglass loyalty. Smith glasses are a mini fetish of mine. Love em.
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Bindings: Predominately Looks (and Rossi Axials) since the Nevada. I have 6 or 7 new pairs of pivots with wide brakes waiting for skis.

Boots: Lange and Salomon due to the fit.

Skis: Predominately Dynastars but have also had Rossis (2 models), Elans (3 models), Olins (1 model), K2s (1 model), and Volkls (2 models).

Best ski clothing ever came from Moonstone Mountaineering but the company is now extinct with the name owned by Columbia.
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There's a lot of bias against Chinese made Volkls here and on TGR, and I would like to know if there's some data that shows the Chinese Volkls are inferior in performance and durability (as opposed to some perception or anecdotes).

The reason I ask is because my personal experience is that the crappiest skis, by far, that I've owned in the last 10 years was a pair of German made Volkls, and the two best pairs were a pair of Chinese made Gotamas and a pair of German made G30s.

Does anyone have any performance/durability data that would suggest that I should change my loyalties from Volkl, if they continue to manufacture in China?
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Originally Posted by Morrison Claystone View Post
Don't care much what brand of poles, as long as my Scott strapless grips will fit on them.

Everything is ultimately negotiable except the Scott grips.
Amen to that - love the strapless Scott grips.

Every ski I've ever owned was better than the one I had before. Never bought the same brand twice in 35 years. Donno why, it just happens. If I demo something and like it, I get it. On Heads right now, but who knows?
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