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Mounting Salomon Jr Skis

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I have a pair of Salomon X-Wing Fury Jr skis (120cm) for my son that I am now looking at mounting the bindings on...

I have previously worked in a ski shop for more than ten years, so I have no problem with actually knowing how to mount these bindings, however I do have a question about something that I read in the Salomon Shop Practices Manual.

In both the 07-08 manual and the 08-09 manual it says:

Follow the recommendations of the ski manufacturer for drilling and tapping. In their absence, Salomon suggests that you use the Salomon Drill Bit Selection Guide. When in doubt about the ski’s core composition, select a 3.6 mm diameter bit and drill one hole. If the bit comes in contact with any metal, re-drill with a 4.1 mm bit to ensure proper screw retention. Exceptions: for Equipe T, XW Fury Junior, Jade Junior, Teneighty Fish, and Teneighty Kitten skis, drill using either a 3,6 mm diameter drill bit (for skis under 140 cm) or a 4,1 mm diameter drill bit for skis greater than or equal to 140 cm. Neither tap nor glue. Use a hand screwdriver only (3 Nm torque) to tighten the screws on the bindings.

I have no issues on which drill bit to use, or the fact that that the screws should not be driven in with a power drill. My question is why would you not want to use glue when mounting these skis?

If there is anyone here from Salomon or a shop that sells these skis that could answer why I wouldn’t use glue, it would be greatly appreciated. I was always taught to use glue when mounting all bindings, as the glue worked as both a lubricant when tightening the screws and as a sealant (against moisture) once it had dried.

Thanks for your help.

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Really soft and fragile foam in the core of the jr. skis. many glues will increase the disolve rate of the core
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Thanks! That's kind of what I was thinking, but I just wanted to be sure...

I remember when the very first generation of Salomon skis came out, they wanted you to use their "special Salomon glue" for much the same reason. Apparently regular glue would eat up the core from the inside...

They must be using the same foam from those original Equipe 9000s for their current junior skis!

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