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Blizzard Magnum vs G Force

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I want to get a frontside carver this year, and I am looking at a few skis, Blizzard is at the top.
Can anyone explain to me what the difference are, as I cannot find anything on their website. I have enough powder skis, so looking at a frontside do it all moguls, groomers, some fresh. I do not ski realy aggressive if that matters, I might if I can find a ski I have confidence in. As a side note some opinions on what you thinkabout the others

Blizzard IQ supersonic
Nordica Nitrous
Blizzard Magnum 76
Head ss magnum

Any input on these would be appreciated

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Thanks everyone for the replies..It makes it easier to pick the right one
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Maybe few replies cuz a) you aren't very clear beyond wanting a ski "to do it all," and b) you don't seem to have done a search.

No ski does it all. Try to prioritize your wants, more frontside carver, more bumps, more crud or pow, then describe what it is you like in a ski, and why Blizzards seem to meet the bill, then get back...
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I got the woman's version of the Magnum, Viva 7.6 for "the little lady" to go along with her Eos's. I am not a fan of the Nordica's, I skied a bunch of them and was not impressed with any of them. The Supersonic is narrower than the Magnum and won't be as versatile. The Head has gotten nothing but praises here, but never skied the ski.

Feel better?
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I've become a huge Blizzard fan over the past few years. IMO you can't go wrong with the magnum.
I have the 8.1 and 8.7 at my house which were meant for me, but my DH seems to be glaring at them as though they are his. I may have to share.
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Thanks everyone,
I agree, that is why the heads are on the list, I can get them pretty reasonable, and everyone seems to like it.
The Nitrous seems to get a lot of praise too, which is one reason I am looking at it..
How do your magnums work in the hard crust, and bumps? Or do you just use them in the soft stuff?
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LeeX, right now they look beautiful leaning against the wall.
I'll let you know when I get them on snow.
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Where do you ski, east coast or west coast,? it is going to make a big difference in the ski that you choose. I spoke with the owner of one of the local ski shops recently. He used to be on Canada's world cup ski team for numerous years. He is going to be using the Supersonic IQ as his frontside all mountain ski this year. That should tell you something, the Magnum's are more of a west coast ski, just like the Nordica Hot Rod series, they are good anywhere, but they are too soft for hard groomers, such as those found on Mt. Tremblant, where they can have rock hard conditions because it is -40 at the top and the wind is howling.
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All of my skiing is done in NM, Colorado right now. We might venture out. I am still looking at the contact 10, and the head ss magnum.
I am thinking the 4x4 might be a bit much for me..
Thanks for the feedback

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