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bah..appendectomy 7 weeks from austria

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I just had an emergency appendectomy, 7 weeks out from my trip to innsbruck. Doc said no heavy lifting for 4 weeks or so. Im taking the week off but anyone with a similar experience...rehab?...how did y'all go about it? There wasn't a perforation but the doc did it open, heal time is approx the same as a laproscopic apparently.

In terms of background, I was pre-seasoning for the last 2-3 months, excellent cardio shape and increasing my core (plank time was upto something like 4 mins) and overall strength with crossfit (which is now out of the question). Ski-wise eastern level 8ish

As an aside, its quite amazing how involved your core is in pretty much EVERY physical task you perform, I thought I had a pretty good idea of this but until you totally disable it eg like the external oblique incision I've had made, you dont fully realize..
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Even having done an open appendectomy your surgeon should not have had to cut any muscle, just the fascial envelopes. You should heal quickly. If you were my patient (I am a surgeon) I would tell you that you should take it easy for 2 weeks, start easy aerobic exercise from 2-4 weeks and after 4 weeks increase the lifting, etc. as the pain allowed. You should be in good shape by the time you get to Austria.
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If Ben Rothsliberger can play NFL football 6 weeks after an appendectomy, you can go skiing in Austria.
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Just be careful of the Germans in the lift lines!
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