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How long to get back up to speed?

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Curious, how long(how many runs/days)does it take for you to really get on top of your skis after the long layoff.
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First day back is usually noticeably klutzy. 2nd day is good. Can have an off day any time.
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Assuming a full six month or so layoff I'm dialed in as soon as my legs are warmed up and given a good burn.
I'm gonna say 3-4 runs or so for me and the layoff may as well have been only a few days not months.
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I'm not back in the game until at least 30-40 days of skiing. I usually feel on it by the middle of January.
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It usually takes me 3 or 4 runs before I feel like I even remotely remember what I'm doing. It takes another two or three days to really start to remember what I'm doing though.
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Depends on what kind of shape I am in when I hit the hill. If I don't get tired, half a day. If I'm way out of shape, half a season.
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A few days if the game is on..
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getting the gear up to speed

one year I decided that a bud had a good idea: losen the binding springs all the way up (think din 1 or less) over the summer so the spring doesn't stay heavy torqued for no reason. fine. but when you start the new season, you have to re-set the din, which is something you forget if you have never losened the bindings over the summer before. fortunately, the steep lines were not up to speed either at that point inthe season, or skiing out of a ski could have been rude. so, expect the un-expected when coming back up to speed!
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I don't usually peak till the beginning of March. I start to deteriorate physically after that, but my skiing stays fine till the last drop. My Din setting follows suit, as I get stronger I turn it up.

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Well, the tracks I made on my first run Friday up at the Bird looked pretty nice, and it felt pretty nice making them. But I won't lie, after a few hours my legs were pretty tired. But then again, it's more effort skiing in early season powder than the spring conditions we had back in June.
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After a run or two it usually doesn't feel like I ever stopped.
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I have to get 15 or 20 days in before I feel like my turns are really dialed in. I definitely don't "peak" until mid-February (probably 40 days or so?)
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If I am in shape, its three to four days.
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