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Help please..I'm confused

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I posted a thread in the WTB boots for my 3 yr old son.
Here is what I wrote. Help, please.

PS...there is a little paper sticker on the back of the rossi boot that says...15.5. But inside it says 16.5 and the pro shop that I purchased them at said they were 16.5. I asked what the 15.5 meant, he said, he did not know but he was sure they were 16.5 boots. From what I have read when I was trying to buy the SMALLEST boots available two yrs ago for my then 1.5 yr old....I read 16.5. And now what I wrote:
From EVERYTHING I read on this site.....sizing is crazy. His FOOT actually measures 16.5 without a sock. 17+ a tad with a sock and it will be a long season of growth for a 3.5 yr old whose feet are stretching each day. From what I understand the boot should be about 1/2 inch bigger--after a sock is on...behind the heel. AND...when you go to buy a size x boot, for a size x foot....the size x boot is sized correctly to the foot.....meaning they already grew the boot....it is not 16.5 inside the boot....rather 18 or so. And now I just confused myself.

Now, after all of that....I have a pr of 16.5s..(marked on the boot---Rossi) he has worn them the past two seasons. I put them on a few days ago....his toes are cramped inside and his heel is dead against the back in bare feet.....so...sounds like I need 18.5s.

Don't want my 3 yr old complaining about his feet...he has lots of years for that.

With all of this said....I will listen to anything anyone has to say.
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After reading all that, I guess it's time for new boots...?
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After reading all that, I am confused? What food source is available in Maryland that can get a 3 year old to grow a size 18 mondopoint foot? Could you post a picture of the foot next to a reference object like a tape measure?

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Diagnosis: Acromegaly
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Not sure about mondo----but his foot is definitely 17 cm. From what I read....the CM size is the boot size. Am I wrong?
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you want to have a 2cmish shell fit, start with a 17 and see how that fits and go up or down as needed.

the numbers are a guide only, not a definitive
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Problem is...I want used boots. And...even if I wanted new ones....most stores do not stock this small of a boot. My first small boot purchase was easy...the smallest they sell. When I buy a pr of used boots on Ebay or the like...they are mine, or mine to resell.

ASIDE: Perhaps this is one the issues with the deterioration of our industy. At least for kids....why is this so darn difficult.

For clarity, as I think I boiled down my question: If my son's foot is 17cm... Is a MARKED 17 boot "really" larger, say 18.5 so that the 17 foot fits in it. If this is the case, I need a 17. Or is the 17 boot---17 inside the liner, and then I would opt for an 18 or 18.5.
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1) want to save money, but you don't get any shop service that way. That is the price of savings unfortunatly2) All the parts of the boot are -re-used in a few sizes. Odds are a 17, 18 (and maybe 19 or 16) boot will share the same upper cuff, or the some tongue, or ???3) Use the boot sole length that is marked on the outside of the heel of the boot. (2XX mm) this might be closer to help find the size. IN my own boots (usually a size 25,) my BSL = 287 to 295mm 4) Roches (sp) makes a kids boot that will fit a few size range. I have not used, seen, reviewed etc that, but seems like it might solve some problems (for you and others)
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Which industry are you referring to that is deteriorating? Is it the ski industry or the kids under the age of 4 industry?

And it is not difficult at all. It seems that what you are refering to as deteriorated is the availability of good stuff and good advice for little or no cost. What deteriorates any business or industry is giving away what you used to sell.

There are hundreds of ski shops that could easily solve your dilemma. I suggest you find one. There is a sticky on this forum that could help steer you in the right direction. As well as a handful of boot suppliers that build excellent product for 3 year old children.

I appreciate your honesty as to what you are looking for and why, however if you really love your 3 year old, you would find a nice ski shop with a grumpy old owner or bootfitter that has been helping families get started in the sport for years, and support them so they can continue to spread the love in this deterioating industry.

You may even hit the jackpot, and find a really good shop that could sell you a boot that would give you 2 seasons with your beloved, by adding removable fit materials that could have your childs foot contained properly in the boot. Imagine the money you could save if you got 2 seasons out of a purchase!!

All you have to do is get out from behind your computer, pack up the little one, and see one of this industries lonely survivors, "the pro bootfitter"

good luck,

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My LOCAL ski shop does not sell used boots this size and I live what I would consider too far a drive 3-8 hrs RT to custom fit a set of used boots (or new) for my son. $85 dollars can buy me 3 pair of used boots....one of those sizes will surely fit. Guess I also have to defend myself to say that my boots are custom fit by my fitter, with minor tweaking in far away lands whist on vacation.

Also would suggest that this is a 3 yr old...He's 3. He is not racing or going to the olympics just yet. 1000s of parent take their kids to mountains and rent boots.....the 16 yr old snot nosed boy asks a shoe size and "generally" gives the customer a boot that fits...somewhat. Those 1000 parents are good parents....I am trying to be a bit better. However I have limits and priorities as well. Just felt that I could get a little better advice on sizing on what I personnally consider one of the best websites geared for and brought to us by skiers.

After more research, I found a sizing chart posted by Circrider...unfortunately it stops at size 3 or 21.5. Searching more I found the following quote.....and so ends my long journey to find out what a size 17 boot means: THANKS LOU ROSENFELD

Perhaps a little explanation about Mondo sizing will help. Mondo size is the length of your foot in centimeters. So if you are Mondo size 27 your foot measures 27cm. if Mondo size 27.5 your foot is 27.5 cm.

This is standardized throughout ski industry but Mondo size is used elsewhere as well. A Mondo size 27 boot will be approximately 28.5 - 29.0 cm inside. This gives room for liner or when doing shell fit will give approximately 3/4" or 2cm between heel and shell heel pocket when the toes are gently touching the front of the shell.

So a marked 17 would be a 18 or 18.5 liner....confusion ended.

Deterioration of the industry....I know about 10% of what good boot experts understand in their little finger. That said, I have been skiing 30 yrs and work in the industry part-time. If I am confused on purchasing used boots.....what of parents who themselves have skied 20 times and want to get some used stuff for their kids......At least 3 sets of parents have told me that they loved it when their kids took up boarding...."its so simple to purchase equipment for them"
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