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Musical Talent-Where do I get some?

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Some recent changes in my life have me looking for a more creative outlet. Just a second ago i caught myself midway through a ripping air guitar solo and decided that i finally need to learn how to play.

Where should I start? I "played" the clarinet back in grade school, but couldn't stand to practice ( I really desired to play the sax). I just feel like this is something I really need to do for myself right now...
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Step 1 - Buy a guitar. I'm not sure why, but I've been told that learning on an air guitar has some serious drawbacks.
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This thread seems really stupid the next day....
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1. Get lessons. A competent instructor will make learning faster and more fun. Private lessons are best.

2. Get quality equipment. Cheap stuff just slows down or stops your learning. Consult your instructor about this.

3. Practice what you learn in your lessons. Don't just stick with the easy stuff, go after the things that challenge you and stick to it until you master them, then pick another challenge. This will lead to steady improvement.

Sound familiar?
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I kinda agree.. but mostly I disagree.

I paid $36 for my first guitar. It sounded bad and I played it through the 'line in' on my stereo. Way back you could only learn if somebody showed you, or if you could figure it out on your own.
Next guitar I got with a real amp (peavey backstage - lol). I got my tubescreamer and stereo chorus that I still use today.

Learning guitar is like learning skiing. You fall a lot, you look really stupid for a while, but eventually you pull off a few moves that impress people. That inspires you to try more, and push yourself harder.

And its the person who can walk up to any instrument - cheap junk, high end or whatever - and rip off a riff that impressive. Its not your equipment - its your skills you've learned from years of working with nothing that really count
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I say once you've got skills it doesn't matter so much if it's quality equipment or not.....

Two anecdotes:

When I was nine or ten I wanted to learn guitar. Of course I wanted a Strat and a Twin Reverb but my mom bought me at $25 Stella and enrolled me in a class. That guitar was so difficult for me to play (couldn't press the strings against the frets without big pain) that I completed the class then gave it up. Now I've got a Strat and the string tension is so much lighter that it's easy to play.

A few years ago I saw Marc Ribot open for Medeski, Martin and Wood. He played a solo set. He stepped up to the mic and said, "All you guitar players out there haven't lived until you've done a solo tour with a toy guitar." Then he proceeded to throw down on some chinsy instrument where the neck had a shocking range of movement relative to the body. I have no idea how he pulled it off..... well except that he's really fricken good.

If you're serious about learning to play, get an instrument that will make it as easy as possible.
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I disagree about having a good guitar. You need at least a decent one. If you get used to hearing things out of tune, string slap and buzz when you don't want it, and poor tone, you'll never know what it should sound like.

Do you give a new skier some old wood skis to start on? Leather boots? No! They don't have to have the best, but it needs to be decent so that they can learn.

Taking lessons and learning the right way first is also going to save you lots of time and frustration. The object is to have fun and when you learn quickly you have more fun.
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As stupid as it sounds, the Rock Band game is great for developing rhythm. It gives you immediate feedback on how you are doing and motivation to keep going. On the downside, I wouldn't do the guitar part if you actually want to learn to play one.
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Originally Posted by krp8128 View Post
This thread seems really stupid the next day....
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another picker chiming in here...

I suggest getting a decent guitar. Not a great/espensive one and not an ultra cheap ax either. I would start with an acoustic probably in the $150 -200 range.

I have seen many a $500 guitar sit unused, unloved and some, eventually, even unplayable. Always the purchase of someone who planned to learn to play. Spend the extra cash on some lessons. There is a ton of instruction available on line these days just do a few google searches.

Good luck - it's a great hobby.
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So how much does a decent guitar to learn on cost?
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First, buy The Clash's first album and a Ramone's album (ok, CDs). Listen a high volume. Now you are in the mood to rock.

Go buy and electric guitar, an amp, a strap, a distortion box and two cords. The Squire Value pack is a good place to start. It is cheap, but until you decide you really want to learn to play you shouldn't go spend $2500 for a les paul. Look here:


A good distortion box will give your little amp a big amp sound. The Ibanez Tune Screamer will work fine.


I say buy an electric rather then an accoustic because the action on an electric guitar is much better making it easier to play.

Plug everything in, turn it up, and make some noise.

Now you are ready for some lessons. I am self taught, but I recently started taking lessons and it makes a huge difference.

Learn the basic chords and then try to put them together. Pick some easy songs to learn and have your teacher show you how to play them.

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! You will never learn to play unless you practice.

Be patient. Learning to play takes time, but the more you play the better you get.

Hook up with some friends, jam out, and start your own band. Write your own songs, because then you will know how to play those songs.

Go into the studio, record an album (CD) and put your music out commerciall. Go on tour. Rock the free world.

To see how easy it is, check out my band's new website!


Turn up the volume on the computer so you can hear our song Occupied America!

Good luck and jam on!
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The Squire value pack comes with a tuner, so use it. When you are in tune it sounds so much better.

Playing guitar is like skiing in several ways. The more you do it, the better you will get. The better you get, the better equipment you want. They are both addictive. Once you start, you will never stop. And the more addicted you are, the more money you will spend.

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Starter guitars such as the Squire Pac are reasonably priced and
are really pretty good guitars.Way better than the junk that I
started rockin' on 45 yrs ago.Youtube has zillions of free guitar
lessons on it.Check it out.Have fun!
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