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Boot Shell Size & Liner choice

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I think I need to get new liners or maybe new boots? Head S10's. There 04's and have been skied hard. To the point that I've moved the left side of the buckles as far to the inside as possible and then last year I had to use the last notch on the top three buckles to get things tight. When I did this the boots became uncomfortable and I got very sore shins after a week of skiing. I'm tall 6"2" and thin about 170lbs. I have wide feet D, deep instep narrow ankles and long thin legs. I'm a level 8/9 skier. When I took the liners out of my boots to see what the shell was I found a punch of numbers that I'm not sure what they all mean. So can some tell me, based on the following info the size of the shells. Then based on the above info the best choice of liners between Intuitions and Zip fit?.

The soles are 317 mm

On one side of the liner is stamped:
TG 27/28
On the other side is stamped:

Any help or suggestions are appreciated
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1) If they've been skied > 100 days, stop here and get new boots.

2) What's your shoe size? A 317mm bootsole usually fits a size 10 to 11 (Brannock, weight bearing) foot - depending on volume, shape, and fit preference.

3) If you're in the right length shell, and you consider this a great boot for you, then consider a higher volume liner - only if the shell has no cracks, decent rebound, bootsole in good shape. Otherwise see #1 .

Note: By the time you buy a custom liner, you're generally 1/2 way to buying a whole new boot, so make sure your current shell fit/volume/geometry is right for you.
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please read this thread first:http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=74836

The answer to "WTF is wrong with my boots?"

So your boots hurt and you don’t know what to do?

First thing, find a good boot fitter in YOUR area. Trying to fit boots, problem solving over the phone, or online is VERY hard to do. This is not like making a cake by a following a recipe (and I can’t do that either) but more like being told how to paint (as told by Stevie Wonder)

So a few questions that you can answer that will help this out.

1) What is the shell fit like for length? Remove the liner, put your foot in the shell only, have your toes lightly touching the front of the boot and see how much room is behind your heel and the boots shell. Use a pen as a spacer and measure this for thickness. You want 5-15mm (3/16 to 5/8 inch) of room. If you have more then 25mm (1/2") stop here

2) What is the shell fit like for width? Now center your foot front to back, (same amount of room behind the toe and heel) and is the width of your foot touching the sides of the boots shell? You want anything from lightly brushing to 2mm per side. If you have 3mm per side stop here.

3) Do you have any footbeds? Most people find an off the rack, or full custom footbed more comfortable, and helps to hold the foot in place better, Get one.

So if your boot is within all of the above parameters we can go on. If your boot is just too big it is not worth working on. Your foot will still move around; you have to over tighten the buckles, and cramp to foot and cut off circulation (cold toes). Your boots are too big, and nothing will make that much better. Don’t waste your time, and money fixing a broken leg with bandaids. You need boots that are 1-2 sizes smaller. If you really want work on what you have, a boot fitter can do some-things, but it will not get much better, and will be $50 - $150 for not much progress.
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