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ESA AspenSnowmass

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I just thought you people would like to know that, like other places, it's been snowing in our little valley with more on the way. The temps are really cold and the snowguns are blowing big time.

Hmmmm, sounds like a good time to think about ESA January! Snowmass has a new lift parallel to the Big Burn lift, and the economy is in the tank, so you get your own private ski area.

The Base Village has another restaurant/bar. And Weems has a new knee.

Hmmmm, sounds like a goot time to think about ESA in January!

Also, for all you instructors out there, if you'd like, we can put on a group that is teaching focussed as well!

And all you others, this is a good time to tell me and our staff what you'd like to see emphasized this year. Otherwise we'll be reduced to just helping you become an amazing skier, and banging around the four different areas that we have.

Don't miss this year's ESA in AspenSnowmass. Time to glitter up!
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I was looking for this information on the ESA site and not seeing it... when is the deadline for registration?

It's not looking very likely right now, but I may be able to attend. However, I probably won't know for sure until the middle of December.
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Right here, Matthias:

The registration deadline is Dec. 21.
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Thanks. I'm still not seeing where the deadline is on that page, though. Maybe it's just been a long week...
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Dec. 21 is when we ask people to pay the balance due (we take a $200 placeholder up to that date). If there is room, we can take latecomers after that date, but it's ever so much easier to plan these events when people sign up early.
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Marcia and I are signed up and rarin' to go
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Originally Posted by bbinder View Post
Marcia and I are signed up and rarin' to go

There's snow in the forecast again!!!!

I'm so pumped for this season. Probably because I've got two knees that work instead of one!
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next 5 days look huge in the valley, huge. Storms lined up to the west.
I have been skiing up high, castle peak and the snow has been heinous, wind hammered.
Glad to hear about your knee weems. How are things?
got some sick pixs of dillon on the gmvs facebook, and they are funny.
take care and see you on the hill
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Haven't been visiting forum since Feb 2008. I am curious about ESA in Snowmass. I have never skied except recreational once or twice a year. I made it to intermediate (blue?) level with group lessons. I am looking to build more confidence in my ability on the different snow conditions (powder, crud). Comfortable in groomed runs but have never skied bumps. I am a cautious skier do don't like to take risks unnecessarily. Is ESA for me?
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Whodat, ESA would be perfect for you: four days in a very small group of students with a gifted coach at one of the country's premier ski resorts. You can't miss! See this thread from last year's event to get some firsthand reporting on what goes on at ESA AspenSnowmass.
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Megan Harvey is going to coach for us at ESA Snowmass!

Since she's finished her 12 years on the demo team, she's gonna have a bit of time for us. I'm really pleased.

More HOT NEWS! Squatty's back. And Eric DesLauriers will coach as well.
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Dan Egan will be there, and don't forget Bob Barnes, and isn't Robin going to be there too?

Heck, all three of the ESAs are loaded with great coaches--they and our extraordinarily motivated students are what make ESA special.
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Looking forward to it this will be my first one but with what all I have read and heard I am so stoked!!!!!
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GW, have fun, but don't believe anything Barnes or Cgeib say about me.
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