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Bruno and son (Timberline Lodge)

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I have a gigantic bag for all my ski stuff (except skis) I could probably stay overnight in it if I had to. All of my gear is in it unless I'm using it. I still lose gloves though.

When I was around 10, I put the skis on top of our family car, as soon as we got on the expressway all of them flew off-I forgot to latch the rack. My dad was not real happy.
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The wife and I got hitched in Invermere, BC December 30, several years ago. The plan was to go skiing afterwards, and she had "other" things on her mind, so I was left to pack for skiing.

I forgot hats and gloves - can't ski without those! Ended up buying them in town, at top dollar of course - both resort town, and Christmas season!

We both still wear the gloves, the hats are long gone....

Just this year, after an hour's drive to Panorama, the kids and I counted three sets of skiis, three sets of poles, and two sets of boots. I claim to have asked the daughter to count skiis, ploes and boots as we pulled out of the driveway, she says I only said skiis.

And last year, I locked the keys in the van at Lake Louise. Fortunately, the AMA knows there are guys like me, and the truck was right there, waiting.

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yeah, so i went skiing today. booted up, strapped on my helmet, turned around to grab my gloves and.....well you know the rest.

running a length of yarn through the arms of my jacket and attaching my gloves to the ends is starting to look like a pretty good idea...
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