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Oh, come on!!

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I am offically frustrated.

I have the next 4 days off of work and, what's this? Rapid City got 47 inches of snow?! Awesome!


I live in Sioux Falls, and I-90 is closed. Not only is I-90 closed, but just about every major road into and around the Black Hills is also closed. Even if I was willing to drive to I-80 and over and then up it wouldn't matter because I-80 is closed.

Can't a guy catch a break!?

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47 inches... not that much right guys... that's like not even four feet...

Hike!!!!!! haha.
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What the ... The road is practically flat. Why do we pay taxes?
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Find grappling hook.
Find 50 feet of rope.
Snag passing tractor trailer, attach hook, hold rope.
Ski the ditches now that roads are open.
Watch those signposts.
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