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Skier_J Celebrates......

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Happy birthday!
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
Happy birthday!
What she said!
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Hey, Happy B-day. I'm looking forward to your visit to sample Mid-Atlantic skiing. It's been too long since last I saw you guys, I can't wait.
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Happy Birthday, GRANDPA!

Yes, Jeff's daughter Mel had a baby boy on Wednesday, Nov. 5. What a present! Giacobe (Jah-CO-Bee, the Italian spelling for Jacoby, or Jacob) is a healthy little sprout with the biggest toes I've ever seen on a living creature!

Proud Grandpa is indeed a happy guy today. Happy birthday, Honey!

And those sloth-like toes! They're so cute!

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That's what our feet look like until we ruin them with a life of ill fitting shoes.
Happy Birthday to Giacobe on Wednesday.

Now on the Mr B. bandwagon. I'm bummed you won't be coming this winter my way. I enjoy your company and was hoping we could ski some more. You are a good guy Jeff and you deserve a good day, wek and life and I hope you get it.
Best wishes on your day of celebration.
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Happy Birthday skierJ! and congrats on that new grandkid.

Epic Bootfitters are lining up to suggest boot mods for those toes!
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Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you (worth saying it twice!)

I hope to finally meet you and Queen Bonni this year!

Many Happy Whee's!
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Happy birthday, Jeff!! We'll lift a glass or two or three belatedly when you come visit. Have a fabulous day, and congratulations on the grandbaby!
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Look at the look on Giacobe's face. He is most upset with you people making fun of his feet.
"It's cold damn it, put me back in my blankie"!!!
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Happy birthday Jeff! Have a great day.
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Happy Birthday!
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Thanks everyone! to those I have met, we'll meet again soon enough! and to those I have yet to meet, we'll get together sometime soon I hope!

Grandbaby count, 2 boys one girl! diva, bubs and cheech!

When asked how old I was today, at one point I answered "I'm the national speed limit!" to which some wise a** replied

WOW 65??

I countered with I can't collect social security for another 7 years!

I showed him, er her, er what was I talkin 'bout??? I forget

Thanks for the suggestion Trekchick!

I think I'll have another birthday beer!
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Happy birthdays to you and (belated) to little Giake.
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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Jeff, hope you and Bonni are doing fine. Cute grandchild.
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Jeff, you're the best! Happy Birthday to you and your big-toe grand kid. I envy you. A thirty year old son - and no grandchild yet. I'm not holding my breath waiting.

May you and Bonni and your respective extended families have many, many more happy birthdays!

P.S. The check came in the mail.
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Happy happy! Congrats on the new addition too Wonder if they make ski boots with that wide a toe box?
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