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First Tahoe WROD Report

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We don't have a WR forum, so I decided to go with the TR forum. Headed up to Boreal for the first lift serviced turns. Up at 5:30am, out of the house around 6. Boreal parking lot at 8:30. Fourth chair around 9am.

Gas: $35
Lift Ticket: $30
Food: $20
Vertical: 200 feet
Skiing instead of working: priceless!

Pretty much no line for the first 90 minutes, then some other folks started to arrive. Good times. Would highly recommend. Unfortunately it got warm and when I left at 2pm we were well in to spring conditions... in November.

The car sure is dirty, but look, there is SNOW up here!

After a bunch of runs I remembered there was this thing called a camera, so I got it out of the car to document the situation.

And of course no crazy blowing off work to ski WROD with a bunch of park rat snowboarders would be complete without the token other skier!

I believe 911over has some more pictures as well!

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Nice weather. Been awhile since I skied Boreal Bowl. A Happy/Fun place.
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Mt. Rose (one of my two cheapo passes this year) is making snow and says they're opening on the 13th. May try to head up the following weekend or the next, but I'm definitely planning on a Thanksgiving trip this year with the family. Plan is for (most) every weekend this year until kiddo #3 arrives in mid to late March, so an early start to the season this year will be much appreciated.
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Just curious if you guys were the only ones on skis.

Boreal is kind of a boarder's paradise. Props for getting the first lift served turns in CA. It counts.
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There were maybe 7 traditional Alpine skiers on the mountain. Ran in to one of the other instructors from AM as well. There were also quite a few park and pipe skiers. I really think we are seeing a shift in the industry where you can be a teenage rebel and have two planks now. You still have to have your pants around your thighs, dress in crazy colors, and treat everyone else on the mountain poorly.

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I think we coulda fit in if we'd of slapped some neon stickers to our skis.

Adam, I'll post your celebrity status when the upload (slowly) finishes.
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Adam, perfect form being shown by 911over, and gawd help you, I hope you bought her a beer.
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Cirque, pretty sure they were catering to the under 21 crowd yesterday. Saw lots of RedBull, no beer. Consensus is : Cirque can buy 911 two beers this season.
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The lone cloud in the awesome blue sky

The lone skier

And Adam trying to figure out how to make this WROD last much longer than it does.
Channel 8 interview

Don't ask me what they were talking about , I had to stand at least 12 feet away to even get most of him in the photo. I failed. 15-16 feet away next time.

Like I said, dunno what the two of you were chatting about. But boy did she give me an earful about rude people, NOT YOU, the peanut gallery I'm sure. Whew ! And to think, 3 guys on the lift complimented me on how considerate I was. Whaddid I do ?
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Check out the old dude skiing in shorts in the background of that last shot... awesome.

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Oh yeah, forgot about him. He was the only one dressed perfectly for the weather. 53 degrees at 2pm
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Now there you guys GO bringing back memories. 20 some odd years ago took my son's class to boreal in inlaws motorhome, 11 kids all about 12 going on 22. Battery gave out in parking lot and we spent the night there. Hard to forget THAT night.
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The pictures sold me - I'm headed over to Boreal tomorrow.
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heh, it's been a (warm) week. You are going to want to check the webcam before you commit.

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Boreal was totally hashed on Sunday 16th.

I rode Mammy on Saturday, which was sweet (semi-Spring condis) and then headed back to T'Hoe to ride either Rose or Boreal on Sun.

Rose only had a beginner lift open and the Reno heads I know who have passes weren't even getting out of bed to ride that.

Got into the Boreal lot at 8:30 and was aghast at how much the snow had melted (sadly I wasn't able to see the lack of snow Friday night on the drive up, otherwise I would have stayed down at Mammy for another day). I walked up to the snow line and made the logical call not to drop $40 on what was one of the weakest WROD I have ever seen. That and the "thug" boarders in the lot parked next to me bumpin' Lil Wayne outta the speakers of their mom's SUV pretty much nailed it for me.

Seeing as how Heavenly just announced that they are postponing their opening until further notice (were supposed to open this Friday), it's pretty dismal in T'Hoe.
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Originally Posted by dookey67 View Post
Boreal was totally hashed on Sunday 16th.

Seeing as how Heavenly just announced that they are postponing their opening until further notice (were supposed to open this Friday), it's pretty dismal in T'Hoe.
Yes, still pretty warm here and not much sign of a colder spell before the middle of next week so no snowmaking. On the way down to reno very early this morning it was 38 deg at rose summit and 30 deg. in reno so must have been an inversion in the valley
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