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K2 silencer tele conversion

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:Hi tele guys, I have skied alpine my whole life and love it. But i have always aspired to ski tele. I bought a set of k2 silencer twintips 2 years ago. I just recently got a job at a ski shop so I have access to remounting supplies as well as possibly to telemark gear. What I am wondering is if you would be a good idea to switch my all ready alpine equipped silencers to tele, keeping in mind that I live in the midwest(northwest ohio) so I ski mostly northern michigan, and New York. I also am thinking about getting a pair of scotty bob sidewinders so should i set those up tele instead? I kinda would rather have the twin tip tele's, any input would be awesome. Also how hard will it be for me to learn tele.
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most twin tips skis make a nice tele option so your silencers will likely work well. In my opinion the Scotty Bob makes a good wall decoration but their skiing quality has plummeted since they moved production. As for learning to tele...very different than alpine, very addictive, but shouldn't be too hard if you can adapt to the different balance
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Thanks for the great advice
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Get the Paul Parker book, great reading, great advice. It's the bible. I took up tele'ing this year. Picked it up fairly quickly but still very sketchy when it gets steeper and more variable. The challenge is to learn to weight the back foot (uphill ski) adequately. Kind of counter intuitive after alpine skiing.
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Other good tele resources:

http://www.telemarktips.com/Lesson.htm -- and lots more to be found on that web site and forum

http://www.amazon.com/Allen-Really-T.../dp/076274586X -- a good adjunct to the Paul Parker book (this one: http://www.amazon.com/Free-Heel-Skii...ref=pd_sim_b_1)

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Check out Allen and Mikes really cool....
Backcountry Ski Book
Telemark book
ect... They are illustrated books that contain a ton of usefull information and they are fun to read.
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Hi northwestnumber1,


I know this thread was started a few years ago, but I was wondering if you "converted" your k2 silencers to tele? I am thinking about doing the same thing, so any input that you have would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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