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Hello Everyone!

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So I finally pulled the trigger and got a screen name- My name is Brian and I like Trivia and Puzzles so "the brain" Ive been reading the forum for about a year but this year I want to ski with some people from this site. I think I am getting a pass at Alpine Meadows this year so I should see a few of you around. I moved to Tahoe 6 months ago from Washington State for work and play (medical)

So my first question- Is Alpine as good as Squaw? Why does Squaw charge so much for a seasons pass?

Thanks and let it snow!
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Welcome Brian,
I'm surprised no one has answered your post. I lived in south shore for many years, but skied Alpine alot. It is a great mountain & you will love it. Even though it is right next door, Squaw always seemed to have a different vibe. Maybe some more recent locals will come on here and give you more insight. Squaw is bigger than Alpine, & has some of the steepest inbounds skiing around. I think if I was going to have a pass at one or the other it would be Alpine, but I would definately spend some time at Squaw.
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I can't answer your question since I've only skied in Mn and SoCal - with the exception of my new home mountain (stop laughing) - Chestnut Mtn, Il. But 20 yrs ago I fell in love with Squaw. Thats part of why I took up skiing again 3 years ago
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Squaw is an awesome mountain. It has a certain vibe. If you are down with that vibe, then go for it. Alpine has the goods, but the vibe is mellower. Also, the goods at Alpine can be tricky to find. As a place to be and ski every day I really love Alpine. I do like to visit squaw from time to time though.

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