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Dynastar Contact 10 vs 4x4

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Can anyone tell me what the difference between these 2 skis are.
Dynastar's website is really hard to get around in to get info.

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The 10 is the same ski as the Limited as last year. 122-72-102 15m @ 172cm.

The 4x4 is a new ski the is more GS like with full vertical sidewalls and a more powerful ski/binding system. 122-75-106. 16m @ 178cm

more info here:

look at the links on the right side of the page for tech specs and videos talking about the skis.
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Thanks aregee. Good place for info..Could not find it anywhere else.
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CONTACT 10 vs. 4x4

I never skied the 2008 skis but did ski both the 10 and the 4x4 for this season. I know that the biding plate on both this year are similar. The Contact 10 this year however is about the same price as last year's 10. If it has the Limited's plate and that was the only difference then "A" is correct that this year's Contact 10 is last year's Contact Limited and last year's grey and orange Contact 10 was dropped along with the most versatile of their skis, the Contact 9 which had a 13 m turn radius at 172 cm while still having 122 mm in the tip and 68 mm underfoot. 172 would be a good length for a 200 pounder or more.

What you no doubt would be seeking is a performance difference. I do agree with "A"s review in that regard. The 4x4 is less responsive than the 10 but it is 3mm's wider underfoot as noted. The 4x4 turns with a "true and pure arc" to quote my review from last February's test fest here in Michigan. I thought the turn initiation was adequate but not as quick footed as I would generally prefer, even for a ski of this dimension. It does hold a solid edge for an all mountain ski.

If you are only going to consider Dynastars I'd go with the 10 if you are more about the bumps. The 4x4 of course will make you happier in the powder due to the added width. The 10 has a shorter turning radius as noted by "A". If you are seeking a ski to fulfill some specific requirements and you aren't limiting yourself to Dynastars we should talk some more!

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I am not limited to Dynastar. I was just looking for opinions,
My short list is listed in another thread, but will repost
Dynastar 4X4
Nordica Nitrous
Blizzard Magnum 76
Blizzard G Force
Head magnum
BTW I am 5'9 160lbs


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I owned the 06-07 Contact 11, which became last year's Ltd, which is this year's Contact 10. All the same under the graphics except for minor changes in the binding. You will be tested on this.

The 11/Ltd/10 is a great all around frontside ski with an unusual tip tail taper that gives it great versatility in crud and bumps. Tip can get a bit active at speed or in crud, but rest of the ski grips like a pit bull. Really fun. Plenty of comments on Epic, just do a search. Also a good review at Sierra Ski online, written by our Sierra Jim, now Departed for a Better Place.

Haven't skied the 4x4, suspect it skis like the 10 plus its name. At our weight (I'm 162 these days), you'd want it pretty short unless you ski fast most of the time. Maybe not a starter...
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What do you consider short 165, 170?

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Originally Posted by LeeX View Post
What do you consider short 165, 170?

There is no answer independent of how you ski and what you weigh...172 is short if you weigh 200; I weigh 162-165 and skied the 172, felt about right. Some people my weight might prefer the 165 for tighter terrain or more moderate speeds.

AS WITH YOUR OTHER THREAD, IT WOULD HELP IF YOU COULD FOCUS YOUR QUESTIONS. Or are your specific ski wants a national security issue that's gotta be kept under wraps?
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Lee, IMO no opinion here would make it easier on your decision. Most of the skis you mention are great, and the only way you have to find out which one is the best for you is to demo them on your first trip this year.

There is a great review thread for the Contact 4x4 here: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...nastar+contact
From what I read on that thread, the contact 4x4 is a fantastic ski, but less forgiving than the Contact Ltd. I think for our level of skiing the Contact Ltd (which is the same as the 09' Contact 10) is the better choice, and that's why I bought it. Just my 2 cents.
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You already know how tall I am, you know how much I weigh. Is it really that much of a stretch to give an opinion on length.
You do know that there is an ignore button, and the single best one is between your ears. If you do not like what I ask, or how I ask it..
M O V E---- O N
I typed that one slow enough for you to figure out.
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Thanks Simon, I have been thinking the same thing
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The Contact 4X4 is not a good ski for going powder skiing as the front edge will grip and drive into the snow, not very good for floatation, especially not what one wants for powder, the 4X4 is great for the groomed and making nice carving turns but that is it
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Hi Lee,
Sorry I was away a bit.
Well, from your list you posted there are a number of good skis and I have a bias toward the Magnum 7.6 for value.  The Blizzards rock for the pricepoint/bang for the buck.  At this time of the season availability may be an issue but there are sales kidking in which may further have an impact on availablity.  I know the inventory at our shop is gettng thin yet we still have a couple on your list.
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