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Stupid Parents

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I just read the post re Stoopid Kid and I saw something this weekend that was somewhat related. A mother and her 4 year old (tough to tell the age but the kid was VERY small)were skiing down a relatively steep but groomed black diamond. The mother was slowly following as the child traversed from one side to the other. These traverses were as wide as possible and to the kids credit he/she was doing ok, but the traverses were directly across the entire width of the trail. A snow boarder came by and passed the kid at a decent speed but did not come too close. Then another boarder came by and missed the kid by INCHES. My initial reaction was "damn boarders" but I quickly realized that it wasn't the boarder's fault, it was the mothers! What are parents thinking taking their VERY SMALL children on trails that are well beyond their capability? Later in the day I saw severl tiny ones on steep bump runs. I don't get it. Thank God nothing happened to these little kids but I think parents should really think about where they bring their "little ones"!
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Well, in this case, I'd say there's plenty to go around. Depending on the kid's ability, he may or may not have had a reason for being up there. If he was confident enough to try of his own volition, then he may have been ok. Granted, his mother should have been closer to him protecting him from idiots who don't give people enough room when passing.
Now, on the other hand, if he had no business being up there and either snookered his mother into taking him up there or else his mother forced him, then it's almost entirely his mother's fault. But no matter what the circumstances, the snowboarder should have given him more room and his mother should have been close enough and in a position to shield him from anybody coming from above.
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I agree with your sentiments. One thing struck me, however, that many people do not seem to realize or care to follow. That is, Except when entering from a side trail, the downhill skier/boarder has the right away and it's the uphill skier/boarder's responsibility to avoid them and contol their line. I get your point about the kids, but in your example the uphill boarder is at fault regardless of the age of the downhill skier. Just a thought.
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Zac - 4 year olds do not get to make decisions, thats what parents are for! If the parents are allowing these little kids to make these type of decisions then I say again "stupid parents"! I have a 4 year old who we are teaching to ski and as long as he goes up on some type of lift he loves it. The trick is to make them feel confident and safe. If he gets clipped by a border it will take him a long time, if ever, for him to feel safe on the mountain.

Coach - I have read many of your posts and I think we have similar parenting values. I agree that the downhill skier has the right of way but when this LITTLE kid was traversing I bet he was very tough to see ( I was on the lift so my visual perspective was different) especially if he was below a crown or a lip. The border was doing tight controlled turns off to the side. When he finally saw the kid he had little or no option. Fortunately, it did look like it scared the shite out of the mother, hopefully they stuck to greens and blues for the rest of the day.
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Just for this reason, Mountain Creek has designated a cluster of their easier black runs as a family area. So far it seems to be working. People can ski slower on these black runs without fear of getting run over by faster skiers/boarders who now are migrating to the other parts of the mountain. At first I thought they were crazy, but it's turning into a good thing.
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