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Anyone monoskiing ?

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in the title.
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Not anymore.
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Never understood monoskiing. I mean, it's like skiing on your outside edge all day long. Why would anyone want to do that? It's off balance and annoying.
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I spent three continuous years on various monoskis - primarily the original California-made Bahne ski - for good reason.
The sensation of flying through deep/light/ heavy/cruddy snow is unique. The power of a single platform is formidable in any tricky heavy snow.
Adjusting to riding the uphill edge takes a week, but if you keep a mono in the fall-line on moderate gradients it is a lot of fun.
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Yep - I used to do it when I lived overseas, before the advent of snowboards and fatskis, monoskis were the fastest powder tool available. Lots of fun in such snow as mentioned above.

But I always suspected that the primary reason they actually got popular in some places was for folks who thought that keeping your feet locked together was the highest possible art on two skis . . . this was the ultimate option!
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I don't understand people on monoski skiing groomers. It looks like an exotic way of torturing yourself and it looks terrible when people have their feet locked together but their knees wide open - like they were shouting "Look I'm skiing with my skis together !!".
On soft snow I kind of understand the benefits, but today there are fat skis and snowboards that allows you to do much more...

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I was on a cat trip once and the guides broke one out. You could not get guys off of it! They seem to make skiing soft snow very easy. Ice is totally another matter.

I've skied with Turbo Turner. The guy is pretty fast for a monoboarder. Kind of wild!
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NOOOOOOOO it's not like "skiing on your outside edge" ! with both feet on a single platform, I guarantee that both legs - not only the uphill one - work in the turn, and with such a pressure you can't have on 2 skis !! Bindings DIN CRANK to the MAX !!!
HOOOOLD your edge and the centrifugal force does the rest !!!

AND NOOO It's not like skiing with 2 skis and feet locked together !!! Cause you're on one single platform, and both legs works !!!
AND NO , keeping feet locked together IS NOT the highest possible art on two skis !! I kneeew that !

And YEE it's beginner mistake riding monoski with knees wide open, and it's horribly UGLY and inefficient - you can't turn - the knees should stay closed together!

THEN .. skiing groomed on da big stick ??? TAKE such board like White Knuckle CARVER, shaped ski 10 meters turn radius AND HOLD AN EDGE , hand on snow and carve as well as a snowboard or shaped skis !###$$*&%$^$% I prefder freeriding but we 've not yet got enought snow where I'm !... So I did downhill last day on groomed, the fastest and my legs did work, i yet feel them today!

AT LAST, snowboards are SLOW, we always give'm one MINUTE MORE on each race - Derby De La Meije , for instance . We better used to fight against Skiers !!! Last season, 400 skiers racing , and only 50 monoskiers racing, results = 1st was a skier with 5.45 mn, first monoskier was 12th with 6.00 mn , then after, telemarkers, then after, snowboarders far away, soooo ..!

and my English is sooo bad....
Anyways, anyone YET monoskiing ???????????????????????
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At Bridger Bowl some of the instructors, including some of the best, do a lot of turns with monoboards where you arrange your feet one behind the other like you do on a water ski. Some of them can really crank out beautifully carved turns on packed snow. It looks like a blast and definitely like a better set-up than your feet side-by-side.
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[img]smile.gif[/img] Eheh ! I know that : that is "Skwal" - the name the inventors gave to their find.

But ..... it's not as efficient and by far in heavy snow , nor deep powder , nor cruddy , nor mashed potatoes .... means not as efficient out-of-bounds [img]tongue.gif[/img]
... and in bumps too

On the other hand, the skwal is a CARVING MACHINE, and with a narrower stance, it has an edge to edge transition faster than a snowboard or a mono - (I couldn't compare easily with 2 skis)

By the way, looks like monoski seems to be unefficient or even uggly for many people ... Actually this is because it doesn't forgive when the arms/shoulders/upper body position is wrong : beginners in the back-seat position use to ride this way, and trying to recover their balance with POLES, moving HIPS and BUTT , Oh my God !!! : :

Actually, it's super nice looking but technic should be CLEAN ! And check the last mono with significant side-cut, not old ones with straight edges and V-shaped that do not hold on ice

I did race a derby with a skwaler and a snowboarder (start was 3 by 3) that was pretty funny, they was a big crash all together when the skwaler felt down in a narrow pass .... (he was turning too much, difficult to pass .. but we did ..)

: Aaaanyone monoskiing ??
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Aaaaaaaaah ! Oke, not many ...
Nor that's my English.. [img]redface.gif[/img]
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