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j-hole passes

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looking for the best deal for J-hole, 6 day passes. Any help is appreciated.
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Jackson Hole Central Reservations usually has some sort of lodging/air/lift package.

These guys are pretty good as they are the official booker for the resort and the other big players in town. Loosely connected with the resort, but still able to offer ticket discounts. Very few (or none at all) places are able to do that. Jackson hole Mountain Resort is pretty tight with ticket packages.

Make sure you read the fine print on ticket agreements other bookers say they have with the Village.
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heck this out. It is directly through the Village:


Opps! not through the Village... It is through Jackson Hole Central Reservations
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Thanks Stephen, that's the basic multi-day pass deal? I was hoping to find something a little better??? thanks
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Hey, Finn.

I just sent you a pm. My main JHMR contact just got back in town and I sent you a suggestion on how to "try" to get a group discount. This idea is probably at least worth a shot. It's always been very difficult in the past unless the group itself buys blocks of tickets in advance.

Let me know if this strategy leads nowhere.
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