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Originally Posted by ptex1 View Post
My 2 cents. Anyone of my customers who buys a race plug boot we tell them to do this. As mentioned above in a true race plug there isnt much liner to pack out. Any of the lace up liners there is very little padding period. we tell our customers go wear the boot and have a sharpie in hand. Mark any hotspots, ankle bones, sixth toes, etc. Bring the boots back we can punch, grind etc. Anyone selling plug boots understand these boots were designed to grind. I believe it is way easier to work with a customer before they ski the boot and it is possible to get them dialed in before they ski and do small tweaks after the fact. when you ski the boot with no work on it and come into a shop in pain, it will be hard to tell if the grinding and punching is working because your foot is in so much pain we wont be able to tell if we got the problem fixed or not. I agree skiing a non-plug boot packs it out much faster than wearing it around the house, as for plug boots if it is sore before ou ski it it is onl going to kill you when you ski it.
this is right on!!

My boot guy got my Raptor 150's right on the 1st time. Lotsa grinding and so forth, I mean come on it is a 95mm forefoot and I have a high instep and wide forefoot, but he has been working on my boots for years. I wore them around the house a bunch!!!
Skied on them all day the 1st day and never went back for any additional work! Even better the 2nd day out and the by the 3rd time the boots were completely dialed in (and probably so were my feet)

It is a misstatement IMHO that wearing them at home will shape the liner in the wrong places. If your feet are not flopping around in the boot skiing how are they going to be moving all over just walking around in them. particularly when i would assume the reason you are wering them at home is because they are very tight to begin with????

Skiing will break them in quicker, no doubt, but the combo is the way to go. You go out and ski in a boot without wearing them a few days 1/2 hour at a time and I gurantee you will be in agony unless you have pencil feet!

also anypain that bothers you at home will be magnified 10 fold on the hill!
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Great points. Obviously you've covered the concept that plug boots are fitted by grinding, punching and aligning the shell. Some fitters use lipstick on the foot to give them a target to grind, etc. Whatever the trick, a good fitter will get a lot of it right before you ever ski the boot. The more he's worked with you, knows your feet and how you ski, and the more he knows the particular boot, the quicker the end result. And I agree 100% with the fact that the liners are for the most part real thin. Not a lot to break in with most of them.

Wearing the boots before skiing them is going to help your foot adapt to being enclosed in that shell. While it doesn't replicate skiing, it will do some good. I think it's as much about the foot "changing" as it is the boots breaking in. My kids ski pretty much year round, but depending on the year, they can go from mid-April until late August without skiing. 4 months. During that period, other than when they work out they wear nothing but flip-flops. Their feet spread out, quite a bit. More so with my son. If they ski in August in a new boot, even one that's been ground just right, it's agony unless they have spend time wearing them in the house. Sounds crazy, but they have a lot of experience, and swear that it makes a big difference.

Depending on the footwear you typically wear, the amount of the day that you spend on your feet, etc. you might need to get your feet conditioned to the boot. A little pre-work might make the on-hill break-in better. I buy into it working, and it can't hurt.

And the thinnest possible sock is a great tip. I do know guys who ski barefoot; makes the liners pretty "gamey" after a while!
What is that smell??
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Muleski, Absolutley well said!!!
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