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Base Structuring

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Hi All

Hope you can help me out with an alpine ski base structuring question.

We read that base structure can be as important as wax. But we can't afford multiple sets of alpine skis/boards set with different base structures.

Is there any way to set a new base structure for race day conditions without unduly wearing the base or raising ptex hair (which will just slow you down)?

What about a riller bar with rollers?

Any experience here?

If not, feel free to forward this to someone with experience in race ski preparation. They can email me at jhcolman@rogers.com.

BTW, is there a message board where the race ski technicians hang out?


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I know that with some of the newer more state of the art machines by Wintersteiger they can do overlaying structures. Check and see if any of your local shops have a current up to date stone grinder with multiple base structures. This overlaying is sort of experimental but I've heard good things about the results.
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