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K2 Crossfire Helmet

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So I picked one up off of Tramdock. It does not fit well with either of my goggles (Oakly O and A frames). It does fit me and is comfy so I'd like to keep it. Can anyone recommend a goggle that would fit well with it?
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I have the same exact problem. K2 makes goggles that fit perfectly, but I don't like them.
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Any particular model or are they all compatible?
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They all should be compatible. Some K2 goggle straps snap directly into the helmet rather than going over the helmet.
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I would try on some of the Smith or Scott goggles. They seem to work well with my K2 Edge helmet....no gaposis.
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I would take your helmet to your shop and try on what they have. This way you will be assured a good fit with no gaper gap.
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