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Still clearing the closet.

2006 Elan GSX race stock,188cm race day use only, . ~ 20 days on them. Elan ER17 bindings and visit plate. Good condition. Super fast ski in good shape. Great as a race ski or as a fast free-ski.

Currently set for 310 BSl but will be remounted to your BSL if required (and there are no problems with redrilling the Vist plate)

Good deal for a ski of this quality at $260 (the plate and binders cost more than that!). For those of you that have had experience with Elan race skis you will know how well they last. I have a pair of 04s that have probably 120 days plus on them and still work well.

Will sell without the bindings if you prefer to use your own. Also open to trades involving a set of FKS/P series 18 or 15 Din

PM for pics (I always have a hard time reducing the size enough to post here!)