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More trail ratings stuff...

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In this case, "double blues." I have seen these at Deer Valley. Anyone else know of any? And why? Call it a black or call it a blue.
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Yeah, while we're on trail ratings, why can't there be reds in the US & Canada?


I mean, what's with this Blue/Black name? Is it just something leftover from the McCarthy's witch hunts - daren't use the word "red" he might think skiers are all commies... etc


(but also a serious question)
Does anyone know why Europe has reds, but the US & Canada have blue/blacks (sorry Australia/NZ/South America, I don't know your rating coloUrs)

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Seems to me that I remember one US resort that uses the green,blue,red,black,yellow system. Can't remember which one, I thought it was Taos, but no.

But actually I think double-blue is a good idea. The 3 type system really isn't granular enogh. The double-blus prob. are there to indicate trails that are steeper than most blues, but don't really have the difficulty of most blacks. There are a lot of trails around that are kind of in between. Similarily, that's why I like when they mark tails as Yellow or extreme. I mean, there are double-blacks, and then there are double-blacks (and then there are the Ski Liberty double-blacks [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] ), you know? I like to know the difference, since I am not even comfortable with the first kind!
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Who actually pays attention to those signs anyway?
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Um, people looking for the green circles?
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DV probably tries to do more in the way of gathering info from guests than any other resort and many years ago one of the comments heard a lot was that someone had skied a blue run that was steeper than some blacks they had skied in other parts of the country so the resort decided that we should let people know that some of our blues have attitude.

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I always thought it should be like rock-climbing, with a graded ratio of difficulty 1 - 30 or whatever. I know that that would be somewhat arbitrary depending on grooming/conditions, but it would be a start.
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I don't think the ratings system really means anything. If you go to Brodie Mtn, they have blacks. But they aren't greens at Taos. I don't know who does the ratings, but I guess theey rate them relative to other trails on the mountain.
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Jiminy Peak has Blue-Greens and Blue Blacks to indicate easier and more difficult blues. Doesn't really mean much to me as most of their blacks aren't really more difficult then a blue at some of the bigger resorts, however it made a WORLD of difference to my fiance who learned how to ski there this past year. Instead of acidentally going down some of the steeper blues she was able to move up the ladder from greens to blue greens to blues to blue blacks to blacks. It made my life a lot easier because she'd belive the trail sign before she'd belive me telling her that this run wasn't that difficult.
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Lots of people look at the markings. If you aren't an expert skier they are very helpful. Of course things vary from resort to resort but if you go somewhere for the first time it's nice to warm up on something graded easy, then get a feel for the rest of the resort a bit at a time. I like to know that if I find a red tricky the blacks are going to be a challenge.

If you're a near-beginner you desperately need the markings - you can't always tell just by looking what's going to happen further down.
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