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Another boot flex

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I have a pair of Xwave 10s. Can you do anything to make them stiffer? They are a 110 flex, but they are a little on the soft side. They fit my foot really well, so I don' t want to dump them for another boot.
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Yes, you can add a layer of plastic to the upper cuff across the front and/or add some strategic rivets to attach the cuff to the lower shoe. Both options can be done by your favorite boot fitter!

Note that if your fore/aft alignment is not optimal you could have your hips too far forward in a cuff neutral stance which makes the boot feel softer. If warranted, the ramp and/or delta angle could be lessened to move the hips back a bit therefore changing the leverage advantage.
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In some cases, a power strap will do the trick. But standing alone, the power strap may not be enough- it is best coupled with another option. A solid bootfitter will be able to access the situation.
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you have the rear rivits in the boot? the 10's had that second set that was removable...

maybe a second power strap? (one on the liner, one on the shell)

or spring for a impact 10 or pro. Very similar flex.

stiffer liner (zip or foam) might help too
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Thanks guys. I do have the rear rivets in the boot. So it flexing at the full 110. I thought about intuition liners, but how much will that stiffen the boot?
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depends on the type of int liner. The softer ones will make the boot softer still, the firm ones might make it a bit stiffer. Zip or foam are better stiffening options.

how many days on the shells? 100 + days, and a bigger guy = tired, worn shells = replace
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I have around 40-50 days on these. The boots are in good shape. The liners are starting to pack a little.
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