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Atomic PB vs Race Stock

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I am looking to buy GS12. I found great deals on race stock GS12 on ebay.

There aren't too many PBs available so I'm thinking whether I should just go with the race stock.

Also, which size should I get? 175 vs 185?

I'm 190 6'1, 4 years of racing experience (on and off). I will be using these for GS races.

After reading couple posts here I still don't understand whether Powerbridge makes skiis much more versatille for non-racing days.

Please accept my appologies if I accidentially missed another post that answers my questions and kindly send me a link to it.

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Powerbridge is the massproduced version - this ski has a radius of <20m. Whereas the racestock has a radius of 25m? - There should not be racestock in 175cm, the 185 should be the real deal, and this should be the one you should go for.. The PB is a ski that almost anyone can ski - it is highly bendable etc. whereas the racestock is a lot stiffer and straigher - but better (:
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Hello asnaumov and welcome to Epic. If you intend to use the Race Stock Atomic GSs only for racing Masters Courses and GS courses set up for >25meter turns then they could be a good choice for you. If you plan to enjoy free skiing on hard pack groomers, Nastar Racing or typical Beer League GS courses you may like the softer flexing, shorter turning radius, much more versital and forgiving but certainly not soft Atomic 12PB.Finding the 12PB on E-bay at a good price this time of year will be a challenge. The Race Stock are more plentiful because of FIS rule changes. Good luck with your quest, James.
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Imho..there(especially with Atomic) should be skis that are above the readily available "Consumer" stock and below actual "Race Stock".
Maybe raise the bar on the "Consumer" stock..I dunno. C'mon..what passes as a "Race Ski" in the general consumer market is very often just pathetic. Race ski like feel,construction. Often just all b.s No wonder that there are mid fats etc that can clean the clock of so many consumer level GS race skis.
Add another model? I dunno. Demand?
All too often a huge and sudden leap up into "Race Stock". So much so that many of the qualities of the "Consumer" stock ski.. maybe that you liked.. all but disappear in their "Race Stock" version. Often "Consumer" and "Race Stock" are not related at all. Once you cross into laminate.flat skis..whole different ball game.
As mentioned by the other posters..especially with Atomic Race Stock. A real bona fide Atomic Race Stock GS ski is an awful lot of ski for anyone under any circumstances. Let alone used outside of a Masters and up race course. I think that is a huge factor in the declining popularity of race skis. Just what good are these things outside of actual higher end racing on course?? NO good.
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