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Extreme skiing in Lebanon

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I found this link on the skiclub.co.uk forum. With thanks to David Goldsmith who posted it.


For all adrenaline junkies out there, read this quote from the article:

"We gather our remaining energy to make the final summit push. There, we faced a choice between a shorter route, crossing a landmine field, and a longer one going around it. Confident of the three meters thick snow cover, we crossed the field, adding some thrill to our ascent of the Great Hermon."
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I'd consider any skiing in Lebanon to be "extreme".
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"Those Americans and Europeans don't know 'extreme skiing.' It ain't extreme unless you are taking incoming arty or are in a firefight." Overheard comment from one Near Easterner to another.

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Skiing over a landmine field? Hey, no need to go oversees, go XC skiing on the upper peninsula!
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