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My impression of dem wonderful Colorada Bearz.

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Well here is my impression of de Bearz that I skied with. You must understand that I was absolutely floored by the hospitality shown me by all the Colorado Bears. I am enormously grateful and very impressed by all.

Pinhead; As far as skiing, Pinhead is very close to what I was expecting. From the video that SCSA posted I knew that Pinhead had good telemark technique. I now know that he can hang with the best of them.. What I was delighted to find out was that he is a superb individual and a very fine host. Fun to be with and willing to go. I could ski with him any day of the week. I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I was with him as a person and as a telemark skier.

Rusty Guy: Rusty was younger looking and in better shape than I was expecting from his posts. A fine skier and a great easy going personality that was fun to be with. I wish that I had more time last week to ski with him.

SnoKarver: Very different than I was expecting. I was expecting a somewhat glue footed terminal level two skier with an ego, all predicated from the earlier posts of alliances with Wacko. Was I wrong. He has a humorous personality with a wide big kids grin. A fine host and a take charge instructor whom commands your attention. I was mesmerized by his tour of the mountain. He took charge, instructor student style and he definitely had my attention. Smooth delivery was all I could think. His skiing is hardly glue footed or terminal level II. His skiing definitely looks to be at level III to me and he could hang with the best of them. I was also impressed with his selection of female companionship. Thank you SnoKarver for the skiing.

CDC; CDC was somewhat of an unknown to me as he is relatively new on the forum, isn’t obnoxious and hasn’t posted a lot. CDC was indeed a big welcome surprise. I skied with him for an afternoon along with SnoKarver and Pinhead. CDC is a very strong technical skier who has a passion for ripping it up. An absolute take charge instructor type who knew just how to bait me for more. His style, “If you like that, wait till I show you this”. I am an absolute sucker for that type of approach in skiing terrain and was absolutely riveted to him the whole afternoon. Thank you for that afternoon. Update your profile to show your true credentials here on Epicski.

Jonathan Lawson: Everything that I was expecting. A strong quick playful skier with a dynamite playful personality. I wish I had more time to ski with him. He is the type of person who can really get me pushing my limits.

SCSA? Well you’all know how his is. I didn’t get any surprises. I was glad to ski with him alone. His personality type tends to bring out the old adrenaline junkie in me. Scarier yet was the fact that I knew that walking in and was in retrospect, looking for just such a charge from him. Right away, I started feeding off his one-upmanship goading style and began escalating my behavior into ever more bazaar eccentric heightened and very intense forms of skiing. Not the wierd side of me that I wanted the other bears to see. He really brings out the bad boy in me. I have to be careful as letting the bad boy go is still very intoxicating for me. Skiing with more than one of him together would have me hucking off forty footers and drinking once again.
Before I knew it I was ripping the tight trees at ridiculously dangerous high speed and ripping the big bumps faster than my normal speed without the aid of poles. I also took a hell of a core shot ripping my way through steep areas with ridiculously thin snow cover complete with all the goodies that intensify the experience I love, like rocks, stumps, logs, brush crud and ice. His skiing is certainly good enough to set me off into high gear. That means that he will ski anything and goad you into a competitive state . I tend to get into a feeding frenzy mode with him. If this is your game, he is your man.

Ski and Golf: Quiet smooth and professional. Ski and Golf rips nice turns in all terrain. A pleasure to ski with. Puts you at ease and is not combative or competitive with personality. Thanks for skiing with me.

Bob Barnes; What I was hoping for in spades. His delivery in person is as smooth and quick as his delivery in writing. A very passionate forward thinker, exactly the type I love to talk too for hours about skiing. His skiing philosophies are nearly the same as mine. It was very exciting to watch those philosophies unfold in front of my eyes watching his skiing. What I saw confirmed a lot of what I was thinking and struggling with in my own mind. I found myself wanting to spend more time with him brainstorming and following the path of whatever developed.

I certainly want to ski with these guys again. I can’t say it enough, I was absolutely floored by their hospitality. Maybe I can move eh.
More to follow about the skiing.
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What a great sounding trip you had.

Thanks for the awesome report.
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Pierre, I'm glad you had the same impression of tyhe skiers you skied with that I had, except I may have been even more impressed.

I'm curious the impression you, the Ohio flatland skier left with them

I think when all is said and done, skiing is skiing everywhere and it is the people you meet that make the difference.

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I'm glad to see that you figured out we took care of your fat butt!

Hey Pierre. Next time can we bring ya some coffee? How 'bout some donuts? Okay, you talked me into it. We'll wax your skis too.

All kidding aside, I just hope you understand that all my goading and one-upsmanship is just me, goofin on ya.

Because, it really is all about good sportsmanship and having fun.

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Great report, Pierre, eh! Somewhat intimidating to a carved-in-stone intermediate - but enticing! Makes me want to get badder!
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Thanks for those kind words. It sounds like you had fun over in Vail with Bob and your gang. What impressed me the the most was the passion for the sport that these guys brought with them! My only warning about skiing with Pierre is this; make sure he's wearing suspenders as bends over to buckle his boots!!
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You crack me up!
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Rusty guy said: >>You crack me up!<<

No Rusty, that is what CDC is accusing me of. I was having a problem keeping my pants up. Its a bit hard to angulate greatly with ones pants falling down.

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Don't forget....I skied all day behind you. My words were carefully chosen!
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You asked for our impressions. Pierre is a great skier. In all honesty I was amazed that the altitude didn't bother him. Bob said it did the first day. I skied with him on the second day and was worried the effects would be worse.

We need to figure out a way to describe his mogul scheme. There is nothing new under the sun, however, it was new to me. It's almost more of a tactic than technique. It is a line, I'm sorry to say, that I have never seen before. Instead of making one bump run per day I'm able to have three or four per day. Life's fun again. I feel like I'm 26 not 46.

I think I could chase Sigi for a while!
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Pierre eh, your a good bear. It was a pleasure to ski with you. CDC and I remarked about your passion for the sport. I too believe a lunch break was much too short a time to ski with you. I believe you'll have to come out to CO again.

Best Regards,

p.s. Pinhead is a great guy and a fantastic Telemark skier.

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That passion that I have is always contagious. I can't help it, I just bubble over. The customers just love it.
My goal for next year is to loose about 30-40 lbs instead of the suspenders idea.
CDC put a bug in my ear about working for a month at the end of our season next year. Probably can't hope for the ultimate job which would be extreme ski instructor/mountain guide. Wouldn't that be tops. Thats where passion and common sense is everything. :
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The altitude did bother me. I had absolutely no energy. I had to make my turns efficient of die. Stepping back up the hill was not a very good option.
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Pierre, though neither Ann nor I experience any altitude sickness, we do experience the lack or reduction of stamina, we seem to just run out of air :

So we just stop more often. But we notice a marked inmprovement at the end when we take our RV out for three weeks. First, driving over two days there is a gradual altitude gain compared to flying out and going from sea level to 6500 feet, and second, after a couple of weeks the body seems to assimilate to the altitude.

But hey, we are skiing for fun, not to compete, so what's the difference, eh?

What was your daughter and your friend doing while you bummed around with your Epicski buddies?

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Pierre, you're a riot to ski with. It would be my pleasure to ski with you anytime. I needed to learn to stay out of your way. Your enthusiasm while skiing got the best of me a couple of times. : Pierre's enthusiam is unstoppable and his skiing ability is definitely up there. Those two aspects mean he's going to grow as an even stronger force in the ski instruction community. Go get 'em, Pierre!

Please give my best regards to Lonnie. He is a true gentleman. Lonnie, I hope you do decide to move to Colorado to live and teach skiing. Besides, I need a fourteener hiking partner. Let me know if I can help with information about the job opportunities. Intrawest is STILL spending some of that 500 million on base area improvements at Copper!

CDC, you're a funny guy. I was wondering if someone was gonna make a crack about Pierre's unique brand of charm. I loved the story about Breck's 7' storm that was predicted to be 2".

Bob, you're a class act. You're such an approachable person that I quickly felt we were at on same level while talking on the lift. And I kept feeling that way right up to the point that you ripped past me on those 160cm skis while knocking the fluff out of "So Fine" in Spaulding Bowl. Both you and CDC ski like I dream of skiing.

Jonathan, thanks for the BIG compliment. I hope we ski together more. Jonathan is another one of those rare people with a disarming and inviting personality who skis with amazing fluidity.

My regular skiing pals, SnoKarver and SCSA are the best because besides being some of the best skiers I know you make skiing fun and challenging for me.

Folks, I'll tell you what... I saw a lot of deep skiing talent the week Pierre was here. I know there's a lot more of that same caliber of talent on this forum. In fact, It's made me want to get on alpine gear again. I still have boots. :

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...and an interview with Beaver Creek still to come. Wish me luck.
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Next time instead of a Camelback, we'll get you an oxygen pack.

It was fun skiing with you-hope we can do more next year. Hopefully, the boss will give more than three days notice he needs a year end movie for the ski school party.
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Thanks, and you're welcome, Pierre, eh? Sorry I haven't replied/posted, but I have been off the computer for a few days, hanging out more with "SkiEllen".

I was quite reminded of a white-tail deer "rump flash" watching Pierre's tidy whities" flashin' in the bumps... :

Both you and Lonnie should consider coming out here to teach, even if it's for a few weeks in the spring.

What a GREAT day we had! WoooHooo! Got to ski with some more Bears, and instructors to boot...

Thanks again to my comrades (CDC, Jonathan, SkiEllen) at Breck (and PinHed) for making the visit more interesting.

So I was different than you expected, eh?

[img]tongue.gif[/img] ROFLMAO!
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Sorry I missed skiing with you and the rest of the CO Bears, maybe next year. I need your help in the bumps.

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