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AT boots necessary?

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Hello all,
I just moved to park city, and plan on doing some touring. I have a pair of Full Tilt Bumblebee Pro boots and really love them. My question is do I really need to invest another 700 dollars in new AT boots, especially if I will probably be splitting my time 50/50 backcountry vs inbounds and I already have a pair of boots that I love. I am planning on getting a new pair of skis anyways and mounting them with some Dukes. Will my current boots even work with them? Am I going to be miserable without the walk function? Any input would be awesome.
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I would start out with your present boots & see how it goes. If you are spending alot of time touring you will eventually want dedicated AT boots. I often use my plug boots for shorter sidecountry type skiing, I just unbuckle them. There is no comparison for skiing performance. On the other hand, for longer tours there is no comparison for hiking/skinning performance with my AT boots for longer journeys.

Remember if you are doing true backcountry touring, you will spend alot more time ascending than descending.

I don't know what Full Tilt Bumblebee Pro boots are, but any alpine boot should be compatible with Dukes.

BTW, I have a brand new pair of size 27 Garmont Endorphins that are brand new, that I will sell for less than $700, but you have to come & get them.

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Save your money. Those Full Tilts are just as light (or lighter) than most AT boots and ski a LOT better.
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It's all about blisters. Use the boots and see what happens. The Full Tilts will probably be fine for short side country hikes if you just undo the top buckle. If you are doing steep skin climbing I would imagine the alpine boots are going to give you problems before long. Remember, once you get a good blister it may seriously impair your alpine skiing for awhile. It's hard for them to heal if you are using your boots on a regular basis.
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