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Stowe 10/30/2008

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Pictures here: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/inde...lbumId=1920885

I saw pictures of Stowe on Wednesday night (10/29) and it looked like they took on 6-10". Decided I had to get out there. The two friends I wanted to bring along were working so I went solo. This was my first time hiking to ski. I borrowed a backpack from my Dad and strapped on my old Kastles for one last time before I put them away for good.

It's about 2 hours and 15 driving from New Hampshire. About the time I came into the Sunapee region it was snowing lightly and all the mountains around me were WHITE from the storm 24 hours earlier and 1-2 inches overnight. It was an intense rush. I had been waiting for this day (first run of the season, snow in general) and having dreams about skiing for months now, and seeing the snow all around... man it hit me all in one moment and it was surreal.

I pulled into the parking lot and was surprised to see at least 30 cars parked at the base area of the gondola. I started making my way up Gondolier and saw 5 or 6 skiers finishing their run w/ two dogs chasing the group. At the start of the hike I made an effort to pace myself and managed to avoid any major winding or quad burn. Slow going but it felt good to be outside in the crisp air after being in NYC for 3 months. About halfway up I met two boarders who worked at the mountain, one who said he'd just gotten back from teaching snowboarding in Australia.

The section just below the Waterfall got a little windy and there wasn't anyone around. I hiked up skiers right around the waterfall and there was a great view from the top of Cliff Trail looking out towards the other mountain. From there it was dead silent with no wind and lots of clouds just overhead obscuring the Chin. Looking across onto National/Liftline/Nosedive I could see other skiers and hear people yelling and dogs barking.

I reached the top (of the gondola) in just under 2 hours. I set down my pack and relaxed for about half an hour. Drank some water/OJ. I called a friend who was at work and then texted my Tahoe buddy to tell him I was about to rip my first run of the season before him.

A skier and a boarder arrived. I talked to them for a minute and then opted to ski Chin Clip (instead of the lengthier Cliff Trail to Lower Nosedive). I figured it would be the only chance I'd ever have to ski a un-bumped-out Chin Clip. It was somewhat tracked out but still had tons of fresh sections to take on. I started with wide traversing then opened it up for a couple turns. I took breaks to savor the views and snapped some pictures of a boarder and his skier gf as they passed me. The 2nd half was the toughest and my quads started to burn a little where it got bumpier. I realized 200cm GS skis from the late 90's are bogus for a 135 pound intermediate skier, which led to a brief moment of elation when I remembered I just bought 176 Gotamas and 175 Fischers.
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Excellent work. Somebody had to do it.
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Way to go after it. You are the man. Thanks, your enthusiasm is contagious.
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Awesome. I did a similar trick two years ago at Stowe. There is something about being out there almost alone before the rush starts.
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It's official. I'm pulling out the gear and earning my turns fo the next couple of weeks.

We received about 4-5 inches on the valley floor and Highlands and Snowmass are repoting 12" of new from the Monday Tuesday night storm.
Seeing that everyone friom Stowe to Alta is doing it means the season has begun.
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Great post and nice photos.
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