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Season Pass

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Im going to CU Boulder this fall and need to decide where to get a season pass. Here are my options with student discouts


Breckenridge--------$209 (for all)
Beaver Creek
Arapahoe Basin


I will not have a car so will have to use a bus or make friends with cars. I would really like to ski Winter Park and have heard that they have a buddy pass with Copper. How much is this? Should I consider Eldora or Loveland?

The Vail buddy pass is clearly the best deal, but WP and Copper are my favorite mountins. However, I have not skied Vail, BC or A-Basin which I hear are good but crowded. I'm looking for steep terrain, bumps, powder, and anything above tree line- not groomers.

What pass should I go for?
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Where did you get the info on student discounts? I can't find anything on their websites.

I tend to favor the breck/vail/keystone/bc/abasin deal because of the variety it offers.

Lurking Bear
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You're going to be living in the Republic of Boulder.

Go ski Eldora -- you can hitch hike there.

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I live in Boulder and teach at Eldora. It's close, good skiing, however the pass is never cheap. Consider teaching skiing or snowboarding part-time and the pass is free.

I'm not a big fan of Keystone or Breck. Crowds are obscene a great deal of the time. I do love Copper.

I think the best deal of them all is Loveland. Great terrain, less traffic, early open, open late, cheap food, and the pass is reasonable.

Other than Eldora, I'll have to say Lovelands my favorite. Copper is great, however, you'll get sick of the traffic.

There is no traffic at Eldora. Send me a p.m. if you are interested in teaching at Eldora. The pay is low, it can be cold, and it's not as glamorous as Vail. We have a great time and I would be hard pressed to leave. We're a little rough around the edges, however, that's the charm of the place. If you want posh and out of town tourists we're not the place. Just the locals from the Republic.
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Last year I bought a Copper pass AND an A-Basin bonus pass. The bonus pass was $169, IIRC, and it included, in addition to the A-Basin season pass, a pass that could be used 5 times at Keystone and/or Breck, including once at Vail. (Does that make sense? You could go all 5 times at Keystone, or 4 times at Keystone and 1 time at Vail, or any other combination -- except only once at Vail.)

For me, that solved the variety problem. I don't really like Breck or Keystone, but it's nice to be able to ski once in a while with friends who have the other pass. Lots of CU students have the "other pass," according to my nephews there ( -- which would also be helpful for your transportation situation.)

I don't know if A-Basin is selling the bonus pass this year, or if you have the funds to buy two passes, but I thought I'd throw that idea out for perusal. It sounds as if you would like the terrain there. I skied A-Basin and MJ almost exclusively during my years as a Boulder student (this was before cheap season passes).

The Eldora idea is a good one, as well. When my brother and I were at CU, he worked on a snowmaking crew so he could ski there. I don't remember if he received a pass or just comp tickets.

And Telluride is just too far away.

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I found the prices at this web page . They are last year prices.

Mary jane is where I would really love to ski, how does it compare to A-basin and Loveland?
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Terrain-wise or pricewise?
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MJ is bumps, bumps, and more bumps. There are a few glades that are nice, or is that the Winter Park side? (I haven't been in years.)

I haven't been to Loveland in years, either, but it has more varied terrain. Some bowls above treeline, some steeps, I don't have any idea about moguls. It's often very cold and windy there, I do remember that.

A-Basin has some of everything, as well. Some steep stuff, and some faces that you can hike to. I don't know if the walls even opened last year, though, due to thin snow. (No snowmaking ... although I think A-Basin received approval to make snow this year.) Normally you can ski well into June at A-Basin, but last year they closed in early May, I think. Bummer.

All three areas are throwbacks. No resort feel whatsoever.
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I recommend Loveland or Eldora, particularly if you won't have your own wheels. Eldora gets plenty of traffic from Boulder so it should be easy for you to find rides, and it has the advantage that you totally avoid the weekend traffic jams on I-70. Loveland attracts a lot of students, particularly on weekdays, so it should be fairly easy to find rides to that area as well. I don't know what Loveland's student discount is, but to give you an idea, the full price pass was $225 last season.

With a base elevation in excess of 10,000 feet, much of Loveland's terrain is above timber line, and a large portion of it is left ungroomed. There are good steep bump runs off Chair 1. Although the steeps may not be quite as long or have the variety of the Jane, you don't have a long runout to get back to the lift like you do at MJ. With no lift lines to speak of, you can get in a lot of turns in a half day. The food is reasonably priced, and (if you're 21) so is the beer.

The Keystone/Breck/etc. buddy pass sounds like a good deal but you'll have to endure a lot of heavy I-70 traffic if you go to those areas on weekends, and all those areas are very busy most of the season. Also, I believe that there are some limitations on the use of those passes at Vail and Beaver Creek.

So many alternatives. Where I went to school, little Greek Peak was about the only choice.

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I have had the buddy pass for two seasons and to be honest you can't go wrong by having it. If your new to the area the first season it's a must because I can bet that many people you will be hooking up with will have that also. And Those three mountains are a good start for someone new to the area. Try to go during the week. Another option for those days that you have a few bucks (students get a discount at Eldora)and can't find a ride. A bus runs to eldora every day every couple hours out of boulder. I once took a bus from arvada to eldora and got to eldora by 7:30 am. Winter Park-Cooper deal is also a very good deal.

Also Mary Jane is a mountain that can't be compared to with any other that I have been to. A true perk to having a winter park pass. Loveland due to it's elevation and it's facing aspects it can get pretty crusty higher up where the only real good skiing is. Also it's god forsaken lifts are a drag. It has a killer vertical but thats what makes it's lifts even worse. Last year loveland sucked so did A-basin, Keystone and Breck. Vail had some ok days I didn't even use all my days there. Winter park was awesome the one time I made it there. Copper was awesome the few days I made it there. I partol at Eldora and they had some really good days. Last year I don't think I ever put away my rock skiis. As far as traffic goes weekends you will get stuck no matter where you go unless it's eldora. All traffic jams typically happen before Idaho springs and all the way to Route 40 where it lossens up some.

Buying a pass though you can't go by how they were last year. Overall my ranking only those close ski areas

1. Vail (back Bowls Blue Sky Basin bumps deep snow, lots of out of bounds, huge!!)
2. Keystone ( Weekdays only, skiing the outback good terrian park long runs fast lifts lots of out of bounds, friendly staff, Fun NASTAR crew)
3. Winter Park (Weekdays only, great racing programs NASTAR, Great Skiier boarder cross course. Plenty of snow, If your a bump person you may flip this with keystone because of MaryJane)
4. Copper (BIG AIR jumps, consistant snow, fast lifts)
5. A-basin late season or if we get alot of snow ( Extreme verts west wall and back side)
6.Beaver Creek ( Good snow, less people long wide trails, fast lifts)
7. Loveland ( Avalanche bowl and of course porcupine ridge hiking required)
8. Eldora (quick access, new out of bounds, west ridge, good racing program, friendly)
9. Breckenridge (Pro terrian park)

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Colorado Pass goes on sale the 26th
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There is a bus that runs from the CU campus to I believe Keystone, Breck, Vail or Beaver Creek. Check out the rec center for more info, If you don't have access to a car I recomend The buddy pass since even if you cna't hook up with anyone you can still ski on the weekends. I did this for the first two years I was here.
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I couldn't have said it any differently, were you skiing in my ski boots last year?
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I was wondering why my boots were so damn tight all year .....LOL
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