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Originally Posted by iguy View Post
To purchase or rent? To purchase 2bd condo no garage about $230,000. House, rare to find one under 500k. To rent above condo about $1000.00 a month and to rent house about $2500.00. I just fininshed hiring all my lift ops and some get employee housing. Starting pay is $13 p/hr.
That seems very tempting but alas my first year of law school will keep me off much of the slopes this year.

Thank you for the info, it is much appreciated.
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Originally Posted by dumpy View Post
To fart on other skiers
After reading 2 pages of comments, I still like the first reply best. It's virtually impossible to identify the 'donor' in a crowded tram, too.

One tram 'situation' that I kinda like is when the ski hill is still open, but tourists are riding up 'cause it's late spring. Snowbird comes to mind here. It's about half and half skiers and day tourists. I remember several times when folks in shorts and t-shirts would look out at Dalton's or the Cirque and say to me "I can't believe you can go down that." I use my best John Wayne voice impression - "Well little missy, it ain't so tough".
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Originally Posted by snofun3 View Post
Allegedly, the Peak to Peak gondo at Whistler will be the last lift to shut down on the hill because of winds.

Considering that tram loads at the summit, that fact isn't really going to matter much to skiers.
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Originally Posted by ski-ra View Post
I'll admit it - I'm a damn Tram hater....the way this simple mind sees it if you can ski down it there is probably a route up (albiet more indirectly) via something other than a damn Tram....
This fellow has obviously never seen the Aiguille du Midi.
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I would guess that the wind affected surface area of a single tram car is far less than the aggregate surface area of many people on chairlifts in a comparable span. Between those two tram cars there is nothing to be affected by the wind except a few cables. You might expect the tram to be less affected by wind. I can't imagine trading a long chairlift ride for the JH tram. Frozen people would be dropping off like icicles. I like trams very much.
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Originally Posted by raspritz View Post
This fellow has obviously never seen the Aiguille du Midi.
This fellow has indeed not. However, if it is that challenging to any other mode of a lift then how do people then ski down from there? Anyway, my main issue with Trams is its use in the US (where the terrain is not generally Aiguille du Midi-esque or like the European Alps overall).
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