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New snow in the Wasatch

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O.K. here's the annual swingset picture. It's a standard Rainbow Playset, so the top beam is 8" high. Do the math. PCMR base is in the distance. This is at 7000', so snow totals at higher elevations will be more!
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Beautiful! It has finally come. I heard Snowbird got 24" in 48 hours.
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Niiiiiice Crabman! It' piling up here in the north as well.
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Very nice!
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what's the swing set look like today Mr. Crab?
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We're real good here. I skied DV today with 16" fresh, although we had to go to Daly and Lady Morgan Bowls to find that much. It snowed all day, coverage was great, there were a few snags in the tight trees off Ontario bowl but otherwise, fabulous. There is another storm coming tomorrow,that's supposed to be big, and drop two feet, although it's been pretty much continuosly snowing for the past several days. The swingset has about 14" of fresh on the top bar, but my camera froze up today so no pics. I was going to post a TR of today (and still might) but without pics... I don't want to hear the razzing...
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Just got home, & had a & a all day!

Our word for the day yesterday was "Slarve" for the spongy, springy snow that if, you stayed light on your edges you could mostly stay on top of it and slarve your turns at high speed. It was right side up snow that started warm & wet & got colder as the day went on providing a perfect base for today.

Our word for the day today was "Amazing" as we skied what seemed like waist deep sometimes over your head light, dry greatest snow on earth stuff. Later in the day, on a leeward slope we had to add a phrase of the day, and that was "Oh My God!"

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Not sure what kind of math one is compelled to do while looking at a swingset, but it looks like there's 8" of snow on top of the crossbar. Guess that means people like me get to drive in this stuff during the holidays instead of skiing big time mountains like the rest of you. But oh- my Western trip will come. Can't wait til late Feb. Show me a picture then.
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This is day before yesterday. I'd post a more recent shot, but my camera is toast from yesterday's powder day....
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Thanks for the update! I always enjoy your pictures and updates! We are coming in a few weeks and my 5 1/2 yr old is really stoked.
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Well; Here's some pics from yesterday at Deer Valley. Not quite epic, but as you can see, there's some snow- with a few bushes peeking out... Sorry the shots arn't up to Jake standards. My camera froze, the battery dropped out. It's hard to shoot with a crappy camera when you're moving fast....trying to keep up with these wild girls...
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The report from Alta today was 2' + with only Wildcat open due to high winds. Parking lot half full, and mountain empty, howling storm. In other words, epic. Got well over a foot last night and today in Park City, whiteout conditions, roads awful,snow very heavy at times, still snowing as dusk approaches. Had lunch up at Deer Valley today (family day) lodge 1/3 full, very few people out, howling blizzard. Storm is supposed to continue overnight and tomorrow with winds abating tomorrow. Friday should be one for the ages at every Wasatch resort. Here's the weather report. Alta's is more circumspect, they often underreport (unlike everybody else}

Alligator- I'll send more swingset pics when I get a working camera.. it's looking really good.
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Great report, although I think they are declaring inter lodge right now as conditions deteriorate.

Scary stuff, here's to everyone being safe out there!
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Tomorrow will be epic.
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from Alta;

from Deer Valley:

P.S. we'll there's no going back to sleep. Here's some more:
Park City



Pow Mow:

Solitude: (not updated)
Snowbasin(not updated)
Sundance- reports 12" but I couldn't see if that had been updated yet.

That's all- here's a parting link- forecast for the town of Alta, Utah.
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How much settled depth is needed to cover up most of the terrain at LCC? I usualy go in Feb but want to hit it soon. I've been there once in early jan and it was still pretty rocky.
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I think Alta is at 82 - that's getting pretty good. Although from what I remember around 90-100 you are pretty much assured everything will be open.

They've gone up like 30 inches of BASE in about a week! But the downside to so much so soon is ... it can slide. So it might not be as set up and solid as it could be or cover as much as you think, the Utah snow is so light ...

Still - 7 feet of snow is deep ...
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The storms this week have been right side up twice, meaning that they have started warm & gotten colder as they progressed. The big thing with yesterdays storm was hurricane winds. The mountain was pretty empty with most finding the conditions a bit challenging. Coverage is getting pretty good in my neighborhood. The resorts just need time to dig things out & get things stablized. It appears the big storms are done for the time being. Today was moderate winds & cold with some sunshine most of the day, flurries in the afternoon. Skiing was great! OB skiing is realistically out of the question with a high to extreme avalanche hazard.
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Alta was killer today, once interlodge was lifted and the road opened. The high traverse didn't open until almost noon, and huge areas remained closed on safety hold. This from my friends that were there... Park City was good, plenty of freshies, but the great terrain in Jupiter Bowl and off Jupiter peak was closed. More openings tomorrow all around, I expect. The storm's lifted and the weather's clear and cold. I do miss Bushwhacker with the Bird report...
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Originally Posted by eyeski View Post
How much settled depth is needed to cover up most of the terrain at LCC? I usualy go in Feb but want to hit it soon. I've been there once in early jan and it was still pretty rocky.
I've talked to a couple of instructors there who say that 100" is the amount of base needed for pretty much everything to be skiable with a reasonable certainty that you're not going to hit a submerged rock, tree, etc.
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Originally Posted by eyeski View Post
How much settled depth is needed to cover up most of the terrain at LCC? I usualy go in Feb but want to hit it soon. I've been there once in early jan and it was still pretty rocky.

100 inches to 95 percent of the resort. There will stil be rocks out there though especailly on the High T and the Cirque Traverse. alta skis better with a lower base. Most of my freeskiing days in november and december are at Alta due to this.

200 inch base is the green light to ski anywhere you want and as long as there is snow in your landing zone you pretty much game to jump of off anything.
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As long as everyone is safe out there, that is all that matters. Last year we got hit three days in a row with fresh powder, not like this though! Not sure if that will happen this year or not but one can only hope. Glad you all had a true White Christmas.
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