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Men's Combined Skiing (Results Within)

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Hi all,
Looks like Bode Miller just pulled a Silver medal in the Men's Combined... at least the results have him in 2nd.

Yeah, I think the US is doing just fine!

(See what you wind up doing when you cannot ski for an extended period??? watching web results of the Olympics. Frankly, I would rather be skiing.)

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It's great to see Miller win. But I'm happier that Aamodt won the gold. He is a class act & one of the few remaining skiers that competes well in all 4 disciplines.

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Alright! I get to see an American get a medal at the awards cermony tonight! Bare Naked Ladies are playing as well!
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Miller's slalom was unbelievable. Can't wait to see him in the special slalom. As for Aamodt, truly a special four event skier and the gold is well deserved. He has been a classy participant on the top skiing level for a long time.
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BODE,BODE,BODE !!!!!!!And my Hat is off to The Winner of the Gold Aamodt.
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Congrats to Bode, and to Aamodt as well!

Aamodt is my current favorite, he is similar to Marc Giradelli in that he can win in all the alpine disciplines. The combined is one of my favorites though because whoever does well at it can clearly be ranked among the overall best skiers in the world since the SL and DH are such divergent races.
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I thought we were going to keep results out of the titles (and put "Caution" when results are contained within) in order to allow the bradcast impaired (i.e., those dependant on dalayed US broadcast tv) to view the event without knowing the outcome.
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A beautiful result - that unbelievable heart-in-mouth second run from Miller just surpassed by the sheer skill of Aamodt. That'll be replayed a few times in years to come, I bet!

Here's hoping the special is as thrilling!

And a wee cheer, please, for the UK's Ross Green who came in 15th after three well-executed and creditable runs.

Good night, Bears everywhere!

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Bode is the man!!!

His recovery from his fall late in the downhill has to be one of the most amazing feats I've witnessed. Man, he was on his butt!! And he lost less than a second. That he fell came as no surprise, he'd been real ragged and on the edge all the way down. The fall cost him the gold, but the recovery brought the silver and insured he'll be around for two more exciting races!!

Apolo Ohno is ON!!
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Bare Naked Ladies are playing as well!

fer Peet's sayke, they's the Hootie & the Blowfish of the 21st Century.

does the term SUCK!! mean anything to you?

cripes. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by gonzostrike:
Bare Naked Ladies are playing as well!

fer Peet's sayke, they's the Hootie & the Blowfish of the 21st Century.

Whoa there Gonz, I don't know about the US music scene, but over here, BNL were known before Hootie, and both are now has-beens from the last millenium. (although, some of there stuff is still OK)

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Bode may be the first olympian to fall in a ski race and still win a medal. That recovery in the downhill portion was unbelievable. Made for great drama. And he recovered on the knee with the torn ACL! Sheer strength and determination.
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Bode is could certainly qualify for this honor for events held during the "later" Olypics, say from 1960 on. However, in the old days when the time spread was so much larger a lot of "funny" stuff happened to the winners. Often they hiked, sometimes they fell. I believe the US women slalom gold in 1952 with Andrea Mead Lawrence involved a fisrt run hike and/or fall and a phenomenal second run to win.
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If he hadn't had that fall on the DH or the small mistakes on the slalom, he would have won by a mile (OK, slight exaggeration, maybe a second). He is definitely the fastest of the slalom guys, but he seems to like the ragged edge a lot, which could be his downfall.
He was compared to Tomba's early days last night on the Beeb. If he finishes, he'll normally win.
To summarise what one of the commentators said: I'd rather ski fast, and fall occasionally, cause I'll win some times, than ski slow and safe, cause I'll never win.

He deserves a gold for determination!

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Norfjell -
How right you are. I should have said "contemporary olympian". Now that you mention it, I remember seeing old clips of slalom skiers missing a gate, falling and climbing back up to make the turn.

Quote from Bode:
"The next thing I knew, I was down on my thigh sliding right at my coaches. I got up fast, not to try to stay on course and take second in the combined -- it was to not kill myself and the coaches, because I was going about 65 mph," he said.

"If it hadn't been a life-threatening situation, I probably wouldn't have been able to pull it off. I felt like if I didn't do it, I would probably die."
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Bode! Ride em cowboy.
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That reminds me of canoe slalom, paddling back to a missed gate usually worth the effort: the penalty is 50 seconds. But then - boat speed is in a neighbourhood of 5-7 miles [img]smile.gif[/img] .

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Bode's recovery, absolutley amazing. Might be the most dramatic ever in any downhill.

Certainly a moment to replace that hapless skijumper that we saw for many years wiping out at the bottom of the ski jump during the intro for "ABC Wide World of Sports" hosted by Jim McKay. Happily NBC brought him back for these Olympics.
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