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Another beautiful day in Oregon.
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Can't wait for July
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Originally posted by SLATZ:
Can't wait for July

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No, I'm coaching at Gilboa's camp on Hood, July 6th to the 19th, with a couple days off somewhere in there. There's an afternoon "off" somewhere in there when I can stay up after training. Last year jyarddog and I cut a few arcs. Hopfully he'll be there again and some other Bears too.
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HEY, its a beautiful day in WA. I took this picture today on my way to work (took the long way). Picture was taken near the summit of Chinook Pass looking across Lake Tipsoo. Too bad they don't have ski lifts there anymore.
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Grumble, brumble, fuss... You just have to hate Oregon. Tonight I have to go Waterskiing/Wake boarding with the family. And I think I am scheduled to be ski patroling the second week in July. Snow skiing in July, dont you just hate when that happens.

Then there is all that pesky public land with all those pesky hiking trails and lakes and mountains and deserts and the ocean and rainforests and ... Sheeeeeesh! When's I guy to get any rest? The kids are dinging me to go sea kayaking, the wife want to hike the obsidian flows near Bend. We hardly use the ski boat now that we only get out on it 6 nights a week!

Like Alta says about Utah, "now Colorado, that sounds like a great place!"


P.S. Slider, what are you trying to do here dude? Remember when Oregon had Ungreeting cards? Those were the days!
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Slatz- I'll be there if I can sneak away from this gardening my wife got me into. Check out my profile and see my pic! Bob the Hayseed! We've got netting over all our berries but the flying pigs (birds) get under it anyway. There's still a couple of places we have to get the netting all the way down to the ground. We get out there na dthey try to escape, but some get caught so we lift the net and scare the hell out of them, and they find their way out. It's kind of like when I get caught in moguls the size of Volkswagons, but no one will lift them up for me to get out! Rats! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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