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Cat skiing @ Keystone?

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Just thinking about this today.. My group is going to Keystone, Breckenridge, and A- Basin 3/7/09 - /3/14/09 Our home base will be at Keystone, I was wondering if anyone has tried Cat skiing Independence Bowl. I see the price includes POW ski's, and lunch. Question : is it worth the $200 to do this one of the days I am there.

Question #2
I can only take one pair of skis with on this trip and I only have two to choose from. Which one should i take?
Ski #1 Atomic Metron 10 178cm -123-74-109 R 14m
Ski #2 Rossignal B3 178cm 122-94-112 R 24

I will be skiing 50% groomed, solid level 7 to 8 skier..
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your b3's are a good mid-fat choice for Colorado snow. the metron will be a great ski if the snow is shallow but if the snow mid-March is typical go with the b3's.

I think that Keystone's cat service is a waste of money but I know that others disagree. You can access all the terrain with minimal effort and not have to deal with "guides"
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Thank you for you advice. Any others out there?
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Is Keystone still offering the $5 pay-as-you-go cat service from the top of the Outback? That might be a way to try it without committing to bigger price tag.
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When I went last year they were touting the $5 deal, but when we got to the top the cat was there but no rides were to be had- perfect snow, but no cat rides. So we schlepped it a couple times. I wouldn't pay the $200, but at $5 a pop I would have bought a round for my friends.

Personally I HATE the B3's, but given your choice it may be the best decision- if you're not into demoing other cool boards, that is. There's a christy's on every corner out there and my fav while I was out there was a place called Virgin Islands something-or-other in Silverthorne... They had a ton of awesome stuff and I think it cost me like $25 or $35- alot less that I was counting on paying!
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What about Independence Bowl. Have you skied it?
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Indy? No. If you hit indy bowl, you have to hike back out- not exactly what this lowland-lung gasper had in mind. My Keystone experience consisted of north and south bowls- and both had some pretty cool trees at the bottom. All in all a good day and a free lift ticket but if it was costing me money I would have Brecked it up for another day.
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My brother inlaw and I did the Keystone cat skiing last year about the 1st weekend in Feb. The snow was good for us at that time. The runs were not very steep or very challenging. I guess that depends on the person. We had some great runs through some trees. The guys running the cat and lunch were awsome. Very friendly and gave us some tips on were to ski in the area. The lunch was really good too but I would bring extra water. If you are a back country skier that skiis out of the resort you will probably be disapointed. It was new to me so I had a great time. I don't know if I would spend 200$ to do it twice. I was glad I did it and wasn't disapointed. Go for it.
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