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New boot to replace Langes

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I'm shopping around for some new boots and wonder if anyone can guide me to a few brands. I got fitted over 10 yrs ago and ended up in Lange XR 7.5 and before that I was fitted for Raichle Flexon Comps. For running shoes, I go with Brooks (apparently because my foot is a bit wide and curves out and then in from heel to toe). I'm an advanced skier (8.5), 215 lb, size 11 foot, 5'11", and want something versatile for bumps, carving etc. Any suggestions for brands to focus on?

I plan to get fitted (probably at Hickory & Tweed in Armonk NY) but want to avoid shin bang trying on a bunch of boots at the shop.

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It would be very difficult for us to recommend a boot for as none of us has seen your foot. I would suggest visiting a qualified bootfitter to get a great fit. There are many good bootfitters available(there are alot more that aren't so good). Check the contact diretory for someone near you, your boots are the most important piece of equipement you will buy.
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1) why not try langes or full tilt (new raichle) on again?

2) find a good boot fitter in YOUR area.

3) Trying to fit boots, problem solving over the phone, or online is VERY hard to do. This is not like making a cake by a following a recipe (and I can’t do that either) but more like now to paint (as told by Sevie Wonder)
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I tried on four boots -- Technica seemed to be best -- but the main reason I was considering updating my boots was to get into something shorter. I'll only be going from a 332 mm to 325. Is that really going to be a noticeable difference?

Here's what I tried (in order liked):
1) 2007-2008 Technica Diablo Magma: snug fit - almost too snug - foot fell asleep but fitter claimed that's a good thing 'cause liner will adjust to my foot. At first didn't feel tall enough but fitter claimed don't need such tall boots anymore w/ shaped skis.

2) 2008-2009 Technica Dragon 120:
Felt great but based on fitter's guidance noted above I'm leaning towards the Diablo's. Strange to buy uncomfortable but I assume he's right.

3) Nordica Speedmachine 14 -- too soft - actually folded/creased when pressing down at the front/top area of the ankle

4) Lange World Cup: too narrow, rigid, and straight underfoot

Any comments regarding fitter's view on some discomfort w/ new boot in shop would be great. I'm hesitant to replace my old Lange's unless 325mm is much better.

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the lange WC is 96mm, maybe look for the HP fit (98mm) this is some of the blue boots, and the older freeride 120/130 and the new banschee and some others.Nordice: what about the Pro shape? narrower then the speed.For the technica's BUy tight, but an even tight. Like a firm handshake, not a crushing death grip. Firm but even. No one spot on your foot red, but overall pressure and even.Sounds like he had you in very different shapes, The lange WC is NOTHING like the speed machine fit.
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