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Bindings for Monster 78

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What opinions are out there about the best binding to pair with new Head Monster 78 skis? The application will be less freeride and more all-mountain. At my weight (164), I don't need a really high DIN range either. Looking at LD12 and new Peak 12 from Tyrolia, but open to other suggestions. Thanks!
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I have RFD12s on M78s. Im happy with them so far.
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All things being equal, I would stick with Head bindings and improve your warranty. This thread may also provide some insight for you:
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You'll get some differences of opinion about whether stack height helps or is useless, largely depends on how much and how hard you carve. I happen to like the biomechanical advantage it gives for most skis, not just 68 mm carvers. But I have funky knees that need all the help they can get; YMMV.

IMO, the various Tyrolia/Head combos offer slightly different strengths, as DD's link shows. You need to do a cost-benefit of adjustability vs non (cheaper), and of elevated vs non (cheaper), and of binding movement in both directions (RF, cheaper) vs fixed toe, movement of heel (FF), and oh yeah, if you travel at mach speeds, whether you want the damping from the springs in the FF.

But keep in mind that the cost differences in $ are fairly small over the lifetime of the binding. Your call should be more about the differences in convenience, feel and handling. IMO the RF is a major convenience, but only if you like to play around with boot location for different terrain. If you do, get it, period. OTOH, the performance differences from a plate, or from and flex pattern, will be subtle, maybe you'll notice, maybe you won't.
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Mojo 11's for a cheap, all-mountain binding that's durable, won't pre-release and are easy on the knees.

EDIT: I think they've been replaced by Mojo 12's... newer version?
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Thanks for all or your thoughts. Thanks, DD, for the previous post which has a lot of additional information ... don't know why I missed that before! In running through my gear closet I found a brand new pair of '07 RFD12 bindings that I had forgotten about. Since those require no new cash outlay other than the RF base plates ($10 at levelninesports!), they make the most sense financially. In reading the previous thread, however, there is a lot of question whether there is any need at all for the additional lift with these skis. Any last thoughts?
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