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Snow predictions

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Looks like it could be an Epic winter this year!


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I never put too much faith into meterological analysis; a bunch of over educated people who get paid too much to tell you it might rain. However, the Farmer's Almanac seems to agree with their predictions, so THIS SEASON'S GONNA ROCK!!!!
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I'm thinking the temps will take a dive within 2 weeks and I'll be skiing by thanksgiving.
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Farmers Almanac, not! But, I'm an avid hunter and I read what mother nature has told me from my recent trips in the woods. There is an over abundance of wild apples, beech, hickory, walnuts and acorns in the woods unlike I have'nt seen in many years. Is this natures way of providing food for the animals in times of stress. Yes. We have already seen some snows that have suprised me. I think it's going to be a big time POW year for the NorthEast and especially Western New York. Even more so than last year. Now I just need to stay freakin healthy enough to enjoy a whole season, not just 45 days of it.
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Lars, protect that shoulder while hunting this autumn! We want to see you out at the gathering in Fernie!

I agree about the snow. If early season weather is any indication of what's coming, I think we might get the winter we deserve after enduring 4 years of snow drought.

Ullr! Ullr! Ullr!
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