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Convection ovens

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We're in the market for a new range and I was thinking about convection.

Anyone have experience with these - are they worth it? Is cooking trickier with them? I've heard baking and roasting is improved. Any down side?

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Yeah, they're great. Roasting meats and vegetables is much faster--thanksgiving turkeys are done in less than 2 hrs. I don't use the convection setting for pastry or any baked goods that might be fussy (or that are affected by the blowing fan, like souffles), but mostly because I haven't bothered to figure out the temperature differential. (You choose regular or convection setting --if there are any cheapo models out there that DON'T let you choose avoid them!)
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Baked potatoes - 475 for 45 minutes. Perfection.
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Originally Posted by snofun3 View Post
Baked potatoes - 475 for 45 minutes. Perfection.
Is that any different from a regular oven
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I've had convection ovens where I've lived for maybe 20 years now.
Things cook quicker (so you use less electricity), and they cook well.
If you like to do pizzas or bread, I'd recommend getting a pizza stone.
Apart from that, go for it!
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I have a convection oven and like it. In general:
  • Cooking time is mostly the same for me. The biggest exception is roasting meat, which tends to cook more quickly. But for everyday items in the oven, I haven't noticed much if any time differential.
  • I drop the oven temperature 25 degrees from whatever temperature that I would use with a non-convection setting. Maybe that is why my cooking times don't vary much?
  • The convection setting seems to cook more evenly. Maybe that is due to the fan circulating the air, or maybe it is just me justifying the use of the convection setting.
  • My oven lets me choose between convection and non-convection cooking. I can't remember the last time I didn't choose to use convection.
The only downside to a convection oven would be cost. But given the longevity of an oven, the cost differential over its lifetime just isn't enough to worry about.
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My oven automatically reduces the temperature you set it to by 25 degrees when you choose convection. It takes the same amount of time as a regular oven when used this way but cooks more evenly. I really like it.
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Convection increases the cost of an oven substantially and is not something that returns value if you sell your house. It may be worthwhile if you plan to stay put a long time. Its a nice convenience, but I found we didn't use it enough to justify the extra cost when we recently replaced our Dacor oven. We have a convection / microwave so we can still do convection cooking in the smaller upper unit.
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Thanks all - they claim it reduces energy cost too because you don't need to cook at as high a temp. Kind of makes sense.

Sounds pretty good, not an investment I suppose anyway when you consider appliances. But could be worth it for the results - restaurant quality according to some.
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I wouldn't use anything else for 90 per cent of cooking. Gives a much more even temperature and takes some of the guesswork out.

But I also set up my kitchen in Utah as electric convection wall oven, separate gas hob on the worktop, which got me some very strange looks from my builder. Standard practice in the UK, but hey ...
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