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Snowbird/Alta in Dec?

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I might have a chance to stay at the Iron Blosam lodge beginning Dec. 6th. For anyone that knows the area better than I do, how convenient is the Iron Blosam to the various lifts at Snowbird. Also, how close is a shuttle/bus stop that services Alta? Thanks.
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It's about a 100 yards to the shuttle stop and another 100 to the tramdock. Gadzoom might be closer, but I never go that way.
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I would expect the shuttle to stop right at the Iron Blosom, I think I took it from the Cliff Lodge. If you get the ALta/Bird pass you can ski over to Alta...take the tram, head down into Mineral Basin, and then take the Baldy Express(?) to Alta.
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Given the nice start last week, I would not hesitate to take this offer if the price is right.

I stay at the Iron Blosam every year second week of March and love it.
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