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a ski page problem

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I received messages from bteddy and others that when printing out an article on my ski page some of it is cut off on the right side. So I tried it. Sure enough it's cut off on the right side. It's in html format. I tried to convert from html to .doc but can't figure out how to. I have Office 2000 and loaded some convert files, but it didn't help. I've dl'd html files before and printed out after download and saving with no problem. Could this be a server compatability problem? We use Microsoft Front page while our ISP uses Apache. They are quite hand in hand workable. Maybe this is the issue. Neither my wife or I know diddly how to write html so that's why we use Front page.
Isn't there a way to present written articles so they are more download-friendly?
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having no experience w/ frontpage, i can't help you there. but i encountered the same problem when printing from your page... i just copied and pasted into notepad, enabled word wrap, and printed it.
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I found out how to read & print this from my office manager at work.It's not really what you would want to do because the print ends up being small but here goes.go click on view, top left of screen,drop down to text size,it will give a list, go to smaller & you should be able to read the complete page.it will also print the whole page but it will be small.good thing I don't need glasses. waiting on feb 1st pray for snow bteddy
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Thanx for the advice, guys. I'll pass this along. If it were left single space it probably would have worked fine, but my wife couldn't get it to load that way so she double spaced it. This caused problems because the double space messes up the spacing between words. I couldn't find a way to get it back into single space after downloading it. I'd open up Micro..Office but when i pull up the wax article up comes Front Page! That's because it's an html doc. Tried conversion things but no dice. we'll figure it out somehow.... probably by summer when there's no snow around! : Will let all know if I find the answer.
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It could be that when you set the page properties, you chose pixels instead of percents. Pick 100%.

What's your URL?
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