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Children's Ski Boots

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Would anyone recommend purchasing children's ski boots for <8 years old? It seems like just doing a season rental is the best way to go here since kids are growing so fast.

Any thoughts?
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loads of shops do a buy back on kids boots, i guess it really depends if they have had trouble in rentals, whilst not the best thing to use if there are no problems you may be able to save a little and get better boots for them as they improve, just don't put them in oversize boots with 3 pairs of socks on
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as the parent of four, when I rented children's boots, I would rent through the pile for the newer ones (duh!), but newer boots are less packed out and therefore warmer.

I am less concerned with most of the fit zones on a kids boot, but have found that as long as the ankle is tight the kids can ski just fine. 6-8 years old is the limit for this rule, though.

If your kids are stronger skiers, you'll have to buck up and purchase good fitting boots. Been there done that.
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We do a buy back program for kids under 11. We then will sell the boots that we buy back for a pretty large discount. It all depends on your particular situation as to what works best for you.
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